Share Your World (2013) Week 9

Birthday Lily's from Boss

Birthday Lily’s from Boss

I have Cee’s questions quite early on in this blog, I haven’t done them in a while so thought I would look at her questions and try and answer a number of them over the next wee while. This question selection is found here. Continue reading

Daily Prompt: Ready, Set Go

I love Abby’s line “There is more, if you are interested Mr President” is such a classic. Wouldn’t mind Mark Harmon Domming over me any time….. drools

Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish. 

God I could have done this hours ago, are you running out of ideas daily prompt or what?

For some us we come to the world of blogging with a purpose, when that purpose has been removed and/or suspended then we turn to  things like daily prompt and fellow bloggers looking for ideas, hints and/or tips.  I feel yesterday and today’s prompts are complete nightmare for me I have never professed to being a writer and well to be perfectly frank being dyslexic a large white screen in front of you is just as scary as sitting down with a plain A4 Pad and hoping for inspiration .

I sitting here writing this up, just after speaking with Boss on the phone.  I am missing him so much but due to the weather conditions here in the UK we have had to suspended our plans for me to go to his house.  Although, the extra time has allowed me to go shopping for interesting items this week:

  • Five different colours of Ribbon.
  • Two different types of material to add some I already had.
  • Toy soldiers.
  • Balloons.

I will explain them when I return from Boss’s home, we hope to get together over the weekend; in part because he has work close to my home, and also he is going to take down to his.

We do have some plans for a couple photo shoots while I am there, although all else for the moment we are playing by ear.  Although, if  Mr Erotica Everywhere; if you haven’t read his blog then you are very naughty.  He is such a lovely if what naughty man and if he got his way my bum would be red and very bruised the whole time I was there hehe.   I suspect that Boss has taken his ideas on board though.  I will let you know what happens; within reason, on a later blog entry.

I will admit this has taken more than ten minutes to type up and publish as no-one would like to this entry without me first spell checking it all and then making sure I hadn’t miss out any words or complete sentences, never mind adding a picture and links to it also.

[Note to self] Stop lighting a cigerette before writing and expecting it to still be there when you are ready for it.  I am so having a blond day today.