Wild Weekly Photo Challenge – #23 Spring

Our Wild Weekly Photo Challenge encourages bloggers to head into the wild (or the backyard) and photograph something that they feel fits the weekly theme. Once you’ve posted your blog entry, comment on the Challenge theme that you’re entering with the link to your post! Each week we choose one first place winner, one audience choice winner, and five honorable mention winners.

The pictures below have been taken over the last three days.  I didn’t know about this challenge when I publish yesterday’s post so I have used different pictures for this challenge.

2013-03-13 11.32.04 2013-03-13 10.48.39 2013-03-13 10.36.33 2013-03-13 10.14.30 2013-03-13 10.11.10 2013-03-13 09.32.48 2013-03-13 09.32.18 2013-03-13 11.27.32 2013-03-14 12.09.48 2013-03-14 12.10.23 2013-03-14 12.10.56 2013-03-14 12.11.26 2013-03-14 12.14.26 2013-03-14 12.53.53 2013-03-14 12.55.35 2013-03-14 13.04.42 2013-03-14 13.29.04 2013-03-14 13.29.28 2013-03-14 13.32.22 2013-03-14 09.57.34 2013-03-14 11.44.28 2013-03-14 11.44.55 2013-03-14 11.48.08 2013-03-14 11.48.54 2013-03-14 11.53.33 2013-03-14 12.00.25 2013-03-14 12.00.43 2013-03-14 12.01.00 2013-03-12 08.46.42 2013-03-12 08.33.51 2013-03-12 08.44.20

Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

There is a new challenge set up by those who do the Daily Post, details can be found here.  I am cheating sort off, I have include not only pictures that I took on my phone but also with my … Continue reading

Meeting Daddy & I – Part Two

One outfit that Daddy like me in

This is the second part of time that I have spent with Daddy at his home, I was hoping that I would have more to write about but the fact that Daddy and I got struck down by a cold/flu virus that currently doing the rounds here in the UK.  It basically knocked us flat  from Friday through until Tuesday or Wednesday.  So there is was little kinky heck we couldn’t manage vanilla. Continue reading

Daddy: A Second Week

Even after a stressful week I still love being Daddy’s little girl

I arrived at Daddy’s late on Monday afternoon/early evening as I came up directly from Boss’s location to Daddy’s.  He met me at the station.  When we dropped off my bags at his house, we wandered around to the local shop so I could find something to eat for Daddy and I.  There was nothing in particular within their frozen food section, so I decided to pick up some Chedder cheese, Branston pickles and bread, for some toasted cheese with pickles yum yum.  It made Daddy smile; okay not a proper dinner, but it can do after a long day of travelling. Continue reading