Christmas & New Year

I love the shadow & lighting in this picture so much it is now my profile picture on Fetlife

I love the shadow & lighting in this picture so much it is now my profile picture on Fetlife

As I have stated in an early post, my eldest baby was going to be staying with us over Christmas.  I was super excited to have all the kids together over the holiday period. Continue reading

Reblog: In His Hands

I just love the simplicity of this picture as to me it speak volumes.

I found this poem on my Google reader this morning I thought I would share.  For me it speaks of how a submissive feels when he/she finds the right Dominate.

In His hands she found discipline
In His hands she found pain
In His hands she found pleasure
In His hands she found passion
In His hands she found tenderness
In His hands she found acceptance
In His hands she found submission
In His hands she found freedom
In His hands she found fear and respect
In His hands she found love and selflessness
In His hands she found her self
In His hands she found her thirsts and hungers were quenched

In Her He found even more…

(C) Starra Neely Blade

15, June 2012

30 Days Of Submission: Day Twenty Eight

Ohhhh my type of cupcakes, pretty please Daddy

Has your submission ever let you down? Have you ever been criticized for your submission? Have you ever regretted being or feeling submissive in a moment or in a relationship? Have you ever looked back and realized you made a mistake and how did you handle your submission going forward from that. Continue reading

Meeting: Daddy & I Our Long Weekend

Gave Daddy a sneek peak on the way to his house

Daddy and I had been apart for a couple of weeks, during those weeks apart Daddy had issues with his phone as well, to add in the additional issues with his ex-wife and house mates.

I was really stressing out and was unclear for a time whether Daddy and I would still be in a relationship during those two weeks.  Also there is somethings which happened on our last day together and since that I needed to have seriously conversation with Daddy about.  I will not go into any further details for the moment. Continue reading

Impact Play From a Sub’s Viewpoint

Random Google find this morning

Yesterday Vile discussed impact play and safety in his blog , got me thinking; yes dangerous I know.

I have always wanted someone to do this  me for at least two decades, when I finally found someone who was willing there was another worry that entered my head “What if it is not at all like what I imagine it would be? Or not make me feel the way I should or hope it will?”  I had nearly half my life,  to meet someone who was willing to explore it and for that Daddy will always have a special place in my heart. Continue reading

Story: John and Paul Share Carolena

I know John & Paul what to do with the whip later 😉

Below is a story that a friend sent to me, it is posted with their full permission but they doesn’t mean they wish their name to be known to the world. Continue reading

Rant: How Many People Are In Our Relationship

(Random Google find)
How I felt sometimes during the week

Daddy and I are older, we tend have bit of luggage of past relationships, children, marriage(s), etc.  We tend to keep our lives separate from our relationship to a large part.  Yes, we still talk to our kids every day and our ex partners; when we have too, but overall we tend to keep them out with our lifestyle.  As neither Daddy and I feel that we would be better for the all and it is a decision that we made really early in our relationship. Continue reading