30 Days of Submission: Day Thirteen

Hmmm sounds like heaven…….

Is sexual availability, being available to your partner any time he or she wants, part of your submission? Why or why not? Are there limits to this? Continue reading

Meeting: A Week With Daddy…..

Pretty Puppy , so cute

Daddy is finally home after being away for three weeks; god they were the longest 3 weeks EVER, so we agreed that I could over a week, partly both of know that we know any shorter we just be in bed all the time, also we didn’t want to push it with E watching my kids and I have the doctors the following Monday.  I even swear the train journey; which is actually quite short, felt really long on Tuesday. Continue reading

Skype: Date Nights

Very Pretty picture

Daddy I have managed two dates this week and they both went a lot more than our last one.  I have been so stressed that I really needed some play and loads of orgasms; I needed the last of tension removed. Continue reading

Skype: Daddy, No, Sir, No, Daddy, No, Sir, Yip, Sir

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Yesterday I posted that last night Daddy and I where meant to have a date night over Skype, well so much for that idea, Daddy’s step-daughter (A) had different ideas.  So our date night was cancelled for last night <cry> but rearranged for tonight <happy dance>. Continue reading

Long Distance Dating


Even though Daddy and I live relatively close; about an hour away by train, to each compared to others that I know who are in long distance relationships (LDR).  We still use Skype for nights when he is away.  We have only had two Skype dates so far, but another one planned for tonight <wriggle> I can’t wait to have some play time with him.  I really miss him and how he makes me feel even over off Skype.   Even though it has been a week since our last online date, we chat at least once a day and send loads of texts and MMS. Continue reading

Adding A Plus One

Classic from the movie Roger Rabbit

Something that I haven’t discussed about my relationship with Daddy’s is the fact it is an open relationship:- Continue reading