Daily Prompt: Me Time

I need a new mug – tall with Pooh Bear on it

What’s your ideal Saturday morning? Are you doing those things this morning? Why not?

My ideal Saturday is getting up late; anything after 7pm, wake up with a few coffees while reviewing my WordPress and Google readers. Weekends for me, mean no housework so I have 2 days of relaxing.  It is sometimes the time where I will try to learn something new on Photoshop.

By that time I have finished my second cuppa, my daughter is normally up depending on what her plans are I am normally watching programs like CSI or Criminal Minds hiding from her cartoons on the tv.  Since the ex left, the kids friends start turning up around 11am on-wards. Normally around noon, I am trying to get D out of his bed as at least one of his friends have turned up.

Saturday is also the day where I cook up fry-up for the kids, their friends and I, so normally by 1.30 pm I have a houseful waiting on me making the fry up hehe.

Our Saturday fry-up is usually made up from bacon & eggs