Share Your World – 2013 Week 10

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I have Cee’s questions quite early on in this blog, I haven’t done them in a while so thought I would look at her questions and try and answer a number of them over the next wee while. This question selection is found here.

If you could be any animal, what would you be?

I would like be dolphin, I would love to have the ability to explore the ocean.

If you had to describe your day as a traffic sign, what would it be?

Found after a Google image search

I suppose the best traffic sign would be that of crossroads sign.  As although my life with the kids is some what predictable normal, but with asking E for a divorce and entering into not one but two; not at the same time, BDSM relationships with Daddy and now Boss which brings out its own dynamic never mind the fact I model also.

The biggest decision I had to make was what I should tell the children?  How much detail do I go into?  Do I tell them about the modelling?  My ex-hubby was not keen on me telling them anything, but I felt they should know as they should know something.  My kids are not little and they knew there was something was very different with their mum, my ex and our relationship in the last two years or so.  I felt I could lie to them any longer, as best part of the last year they have felt that I have hiding loads from them

What was your most memorable birthday?

I have many memorable birthdays for various reasons, but my last birthday; last week, was close to perfect.  This is because of kids were very well behaved; rather unusual for my lot in last five year or so, I didn’t have anything stress and Boss treated me like a princess the whole time he was there.

Compared to last year, where it wasn’t just my birthday but also Mothering Sunday on the same day.  It was the birthday where I asked E to spend the day give me his attention for the day and he didn’t.

This birthday was a polar opposite to last year and that made me so happy.  Also the kids and Boss made me so special on my birthday.

In what do you find the simplest of joys?

I find joy often in simple things

  • My children laughing,
  • Sun shining,
  • Beautiful flowers,
  • Landscapes and buildings
  • Observing Mother Nature at work
  • Enjoying a coffee with a friend
  • Giving & receiving a hug or a kiss
  • Seeing someone smile
  • Going for a walk
  • Seeing the changes in the seasons

5 thoughts on “Share Your World – 2013 Week 10

  1. I’d love to have coffee with you! I miss having good friends for coffee and I hope that you and I are still friends!!

  2. I’ve missed you! I went away for a bit and came back and I was no longer following you! 😦 It took me all afternoon to find you again! I have so much catching up on your blog to do! I hope all is well!

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