Daily Prompt: Idyllic


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What does your ideal community look like? How is it organized, and how is community life structured? What values does the community share?

Daily Prompt has done it again, given you impossible post in which you have to try and answer.

I am 40 years old and the one thing I have learnt in the last 20 years or so, as there is no ideal community.  Community is made up of people, who all have their own needs, wants and personalities which even in an so called “ideal world” will never truly match 100% with everyone else.  These differences is what causes divisions, conflicts and arguments, even if there is common goal that binds them all together.

It doesn’t matter if you live in mansion,  gated community, housing estate or council estate (the projects) if you have more 3 different households in a neighbourhood there will always been some sort of conflict between the households and that will and does divisions, conflicts and arguments.

Heck, governments throughout the world have been trying for centuries find a way organizing an ideal community, billion of pounds (dollars) have been used in pursuing this goal.  Many governments have used this idea of an “ideal community” to allow sanctions on those people who that government doesn’t consider ideal.  How many nations treated African’s after slavery was no longer allowed.  How those of Jewish descent have been treated by many different nations throughout the centuries, but in particular by Germany during the 1930-40’s.  How many different countries have treated those with mental illness, who have a mental or physical disabilities.   To name a few examples that come to the top of my head in the last five minutes.

That is why I got so concerned when I read the title for this Daily Prompt, as if history and/or the conflict over the last two thousand years or so should have told us is one groups idea of an ideal is not an universal and it will and does cause issues within that said community or the wider world.

We all have a personal responsible for helping others in need, not sitting on judgement of others, contribute to their neighbourhood, their community and the wider world.  There is field of psychology; Community Psychology, set up to discuss and argue this point exactly and even though they have been working on this for about  60 years, includes a large number of well know psychologist they cannot agree how this should be achieved, never mind the finer details.  I suspect that this argument will never be resolved any time soon.

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