Share Your World (2013) Week 3

Taken in Llandudno during the summer

Taken in Llandudno during the summer

I have Cee’s questions quite early on in this blog, I haven’t done them in a while so thought I would look at her questions and try and answer a number of them over the next wee while. This question selection is found here.

Is your hair short (total neck and ear showing), medium (covering ears and neck), long (below shoulders) or extra long (at least halfway down your back)?

My hair length for the last 10 years is extra long.  It is currently about 3 inches above the small of my back, although in the past it has been longer it has been touching my bum.  In those 10 years have I ever cut in to a very short bob, it was cut for charity.  I had read a news report of a young girl who suffered from cancer, she had lost all her hair due to chemotherapy.  The story was regarding the fact she was offered a wig from NHS but it was in a “old lady style”.  Her parents were raising money for a wig to be made privately.

Seeing this story I contacted a few friends of mine and we arranged for a wig not only to be made, fitted and the hair to used would be mine.  My hair at the time was down to my bum, one off my friends was a wig maker; although didn’t work in the field of NHS but was willing to help out, one off the other friends was a hairdresser and my last friend was a make-up artist.

The next call I made was to the newspaper, to ask them to contact this little girl parents to ask if they would accept a wig if made.  The newspaper passed the message along to parents who accepted our offer.  The follow weekend we all turned up at the little girl’s home, we also added a few other things to give her the ultimate beauty experience, we also included her mum and her sister in any and all treatments.

My hair had already been cut, the wig maker had been working on doing a majority of the work to make the wig, but we wanted it fit perfect, dyed into any colour she choose; with her mum’s permission, and cut and styled to her own style.

Due to the story running in a local paper, the day was documented by them, I didn’t want my picture taken and neither did my friends as we didn’t do it for that.  We asked the paper to say that she had received the wig, but also the fact her and her family had received a fun day of pampering.  Although, the reporter was not happy about losing a big part of her story, she respected our wishes.

The little girl got her new wig, she beamed like a ray sunshine, the last update I had the little girl is still doing well.

What is your favorite color of hair?  You can name your hair color or a color that you just like.

My hair colour is dark brown, with red highlights; all natural, with stress highlights; grey hair, becoming more and more.  So I am having to learn to embrace my stress highlights.

Which bad habits, if any, drive you crazy?

  • People who run late ALL the time
  • People who take a lot of drink or get drunk a lot
  • People who take drugs
  • People who say they would do something, but don’t follow through

What are some of your favorite type of proteins to eat? (meat, eggs, soy, cheese, nuts)

Although I am not a vegetarian I don’t eat a lot of meat, when I do I love lamb or chicken the most.  The largest protein we eat in my house is cheese, eggs or beans, it is something I have tried hard to include in the kid’s diet.  We always have a numerous amount of milk products with in our house also.

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