Daily Prompt: Bone of Contention

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Pick a contentious issue about which you care deeply — it could be the same-sex marriage debate, or just a disagreement you’re having with a friend. Write a post defending the opposite position, and then reflect on what it was like to do that.

The biggest contentious issue in my life currently is an age old parental problem how to get your children to tidy their room(s).  I am currently sitting writing up this post close to tears as my two teenagers are refusing to do so, they claim that “That I am on one” and actually D accused me of being “hormonal”.  Even though I warned them I want it done on Friday, I just want their room tidy enough that I can go into them and clean their rooms properly, as it is only the two rooms that I don’t clean on a regular basis.

The next bit is hard for me admit, but D’s room requires a full hazmat clothing to enter his room, although I will admit it is better than it was, but still not there yet.  Before I get comments, saying all parents think that of their children’s room.  I am actually under-playing the state of his room.

In B’s defense her bedroom is tiny, she really can only fix her bed and a wardrobe in there and it looks over-crowded, but all she needs to do is pick her clothes off the floor and sweep or hoover up the floor properly.

Over the years I have conjoled, bribed and even threatened the kids into cleaning their rooms, considering what I have to do every week to keep the rest of the house tidy it is not too much that they take an morning or afternoon to tidy up their own space.  Heck, I have lost count how many time them and their friends have left a mess in the living room or my room and I have went and tidied it up.  I am seriously reconsidering my decision not to have them do chores throughout the week if they don’t buck up their ideas.

I don’t even expect to them to do the dishes any more, as it was causing to many arguments   My viewpoints is minimize the battles I have with the kids to win the bigger war.  It does mean I have days like today where I just want them to do something and they look at me like I asked them to prepare a three course meal in under 20 minutes.

Bless him, even Boss has waded into this issue today, told them to get it done.  I even tidied up my room this morning and did some off the housework today, as I don’t want to spend all day tomorrow cleaning for a reason that will be revealed tomorrow.

SIGH okay, I am not sure this is what Daily Prompt was looking for today, but this is real-life and my life and it is something I needed to chat about either that I would go stir crazy.  Thanks for reading guys.

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