Daily Prompt: Comfort Zone

Morph is one exhibits in Bradford's Media Museum

Morph is one exhibits in Bradford’s Media Museum

What are you more comfortable with — routine and planning, or laissez-faire spontaneity? 

I would love to think I am spontaneous but the cruel awful fact after bring up three kids and being married I am more the routine and planning type of person.

I am not the type of planning person where have things scheduled down to the last millisecond, it is more sort of routine of when meals are, school and appointments are met and then when we all home at the weekend I tend to not to be planned out and just let things happen.  The kids know when bed time is and even though they are 14 and 16 they still know they have to go to their beds a specific time.  They might not fall asleep at that time, but I know they are resting.  If they are out with their friends they also know when I expect them home.  With D in particular the only rule I have at the weekend is what time you have a lie in to, either that he would sleep all day and be up all night.

The planning I do is to make sure the kids have the right equipment each day for school, they are up ready in time, I go weekly shopping so plan their meals for the week also.  Add in the doctor’s appointments, meetings regarding D and his educational needs.  There is weeks where I don’t have minute to myself. As around all off that I have the washing and cleaning to do also.

Then I get lucky and have week like I have had this week where the routine and planning gods have allowed me some time to do things that I want.  I have been lucky enough to go for two hour walk on Wednesday, for 6 mile walk Thursday and today I managed to meet up with girls in Bradford for a coffee and catching up of some gossip.  Even though they left earlier than me I took the time to wander around the Media Museum in Bradford for a couple of hours.  It has been heaven.

Andy Pandy is also part of Bradford's Media Museum exhibits

Andy Pandy is also part of Bradford’s Media Museum exhibits

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