If a woman woke up as a man…

Random Facebook find

Random Facebook find

This is in part a reblog, as ihearteroticastories came up with this idea you can see her post here.

If a woman was to wake up one Saturday morning as an adult male, with a timer nearby counting backwards 23:59:44; 23:59:43… (to assure her that it wasn’t permanent) what do you think she would do with her remaining hours?

Here’s a couple of thoughts to start you off:

  1. She’d get out of bed immediately and jump up and down to see if a flapping willy felt as ridiculous as it looked.
  2. She’d rush to the bathroom and enjoy – just for once – not having to sit down to pee.
  3. She’d jog around the house to try to understand how men can even walk with all that tackle getting in the way of their legs.
  4. She’d NOT have to spend thirty minutes making herself look nice before going to the store.  Quick shave, brush of the hair and she’d be done!
  5. She’d get a drill and fix that darn shelf once and for all.

Well I have given it some thought all day here is my list; highly edited so not to sound sexist:

  1. Having a shower without have to worry about shaving my legs, under arms etc.
  2. Leaving the house with just a wallet and not a large handbag full of “stuff” that I currently carrying “just in case”
  3. Lay out on the sofa eating pizza and drinking beer hogging the remote control.
  4. Paint the front room ceiling without needing a step ladder or scaffolding; assuming I was actually taller than I am now.
  5. Use the time to figure out my men are so love with their own tackle and see if the old adage about men only think or have erection not both at the time.

I think we should all think about what 5 things we would do if we could swap sexes for 24 hours, make this a new meme as it has me thinking about it all day.

6 thoughts on “If a woman woke up as a man…

  1. If a man awoke as a woman then they wouldn’t leave the house as they would spend all day playing with the boobs!

    I would also like to imagine that subject to me waking as a better looking woman ( just me with boobs and different ‘bits’ would be hideous! ) then I would have to find another woman to kiss to find out if I liked it? Do I like cherry Chapstick? Would it feel so wrong that it felt so right??

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