Satisfied Sunday: My Heart’s Desire

Found on Facebook this morning

Found on Facebook this morning

Mr Erotica Everywhere has done it again, I swear he and/or his naughty houseguest (HG) are reading my mind as his post this morning was discussing HG need for a good old fashioned spanking and the fact that she is being a bitch; his words not mine.

I want and need a good hard spanking, not just with bare hand either.  Before I carry one this is not a complaint, but rather me discussing a desire I have.

Boss has been so good to me, he understand my need to be spanked and we are slowly working up my tolerance levels again and also working on finding out what I like and more importantly don’t like *giggles*.  I have so missed my bum being red, hot and a tad sore which makes sitting down difficult.  I have also missed my breasts being slapped, spanked and bruised also.

I want all three of the bottom ones pretty please.

Another Facebook find, I want all three of the bottom ones pretty please.

Saying all off this I haven’t acted out, acted bratty or even bitchy.  My circumstances have meant that no matter what I wish, I can’t always get it.  I also will only allow someone I truly trust to spank me, I say this as I have had many offer from Fetlife users who live closer to me than Boss does to come around and spank me.

I have turned everyone who has offered down.  As I don’t know them, I don’t trust them and I have no desire for someone who I don’t know to know where I live or have access to my home.

I have children who I have to protect.  You never know who the real person is behind the profile and I will not allow someone access to my house before getting to know them first.  I feel that would be asking for trouble.

Boss is only person who has been invited my house, I truly trust him there for when we “play”, I know if he binds me and spanks me he would never do anything truly hurt me, I will safe.  I always have, I always will.

I do talk to others from Fetlife, I like and enjoy their conversation.  Yes, they have also offered to spank me, but they also allowing me to get to know them first, they wish to be my friend without the added pressure of an relationship.  They all know off Boss and my relationship with him, they all think he is one lucky gent and at least one is very jealous of him *giggles* I know this will make Boss smile.

Okay back to the question that Mr Erotica Everywhere ask “How do you  act out, when you not getting what you need?”  I don’t act out, get bratty or bitchy, but I have asked Boss for a spanking in the past when I need the stress relief, but as Boss is my Dominate and my Daddy it is always his decision if I do or don’t get it.  Boss has threatened numerous times he is going to tie me up and do loads of wicked things to me, he will not clarify what that mean he always says “For me to know, for you to find out *evil giggle*.”  I can’t wait Boss *giggles*.


4 thoughts on “Satisfied Sunday: My Heart’s Desire

  1. I think the boss man has you figured out. He knows which buttons to press (spank), which is a wonderful thing. People often forget that it is not the spanking but the person who delivers it thats makes the experience so special.

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