Daily Prompt: Cliché

Clichés become clichés for a reason. Tell us about the last time a bird in the hand was worth two in the bush for you.

Well this little girl had to serious research the meaning of this idiom, as although I have used it a number of times in the past I have never truly understood the meaning behind the words.

I suppose the past time I settled for something lesser, than what I could have waited for a possible better, was when I was when I moved to this house.

Yes I call this place my house but never my home, as the last place I lived before I moved here was my home.  This house has never felt like my home, but rather a stop gap until I can move again.

I was told by my local housing association decided that they didn’t have the funds to get my old home up-to-standard, they sold them off to local private developer.  My old home was built in the 1920-30’s it was in need of new kitchen, bathroom, wiring and new plaster throughout.  In particular my house also required a wall all around my to avoid the ground falling away and my house subsiding, now the last bit I was more than willing to try and finance on my own.  The rest the local housing authority was meant to take care off.

I knew there was an issue when my boiler was in need of repair and they didn’t come and fix it until I yelled at them.  Then the planning permission I needed for the wall around my house kept being delayed.  I didn’t have it confirmed until I asked my local member of Parliament (MP) to check into why the housing association was dragging it’s feet.  The MP informed that my home had a demolition order placed on it and the local council were wondering why I was asking for planning permission for a wall with this order in place.

I put a leaflet up in our local shop to ask my neighbours who knew our six streets and the homes contained within them had demolition orders on them.  The answer to my question of 40-50 neighbours who had no clue that their homes were at risk.

When the council learned that we had found out they finally decided to come clean, they asked us to all move out as they were knocking down them all.  Move forward a couple months they realized that they could afford to purchase the private homes that were on the street so they decided to sell them off.

The housing association gave us tenants no choice over when and where we all moved too.  We were contacted when a house became available and we were told we were to take or made homeless, so no choice really.  I personally did want to test out if they would actually make my family or me homeless, so when this house was offered to me I just said yes even though it was way smaller than one we had; four bedroom down to three, it was in an even worse area than what we lived in and lastly it was in a total different town.

E, all the kids and I were not happy at all.  The local housing association then only gave 10 days in which to pack a four bedroom house and also downsize our stuff to fit into a much smaller three bedroom house JOY and no pressure.

I not only packed up our home, managed to move the three kids all without E’s help may I add, also cleaned this house from top to bottom when we got here and had the kids rooms ready in under 8 hours.

I never wanted this house, it has never felt like my home and I know I can’t wait until I am able to move again.  Only reason I am staying here is I gave a promise to the my kids that this would be their forever house and I would only move when they had moved out, so I am stuck here.  It is one off the reasons I don’t want to decorate this house.

God for something I didn’t know anything about I have really wrote a lot.

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