Daily Prompt: B+


My outfit for last weekend

My outfit for last weekend 

Write about what you did last weekend as though you’re a music critic reviewing a new album.

Over the last year Naughty little girl style and lifestyle is has changed greatly, she was always considered safe, solid and silently boring with her life choices and she was happy sitting at home with her children, watching her television program or gaming.  Although, she knew that this couldn’t continue  and last March she made major changes to what to expect for her, her style and your expectations.  She still has her quiet moments, although it is often spiced up with nights, weekend or weeks of kinkery with Boss and those she meets along the way.  Please continue to read to understand this statement further.

My plans for last weekend were to spend a quiet weekend with the kids, well as quiet as it could get with two teenagers and their friends.  This was due to the fact I felt so guilty about being away for the previous two weekends at Boss’, although my kids were surprised I didn’t have any plans and told me I was being daft *giggles* believe it or not my kids know how much I enjoy Boss’s company.

Boss had different ideas for Saturday night, he wished take me to an themed event at MARS in Manchester; where we went for New Year’s eve event, the theme for this event was Tarantino and also in part for Valentine’s day as well.  Boss gave me 24 hours notice to get an outfit together HELP!!!!  Thankfully Tarantino is known slightly for his homage to have his actresses to dress sexy and always a bit risky, he also has thing for his actresses dress in outfits that would be happily found in 1960’s and 1970’s PHEW I found something that would work.

MARS where the event was held is a little BDSM dungeon in Manchester and when we were there the last time it was really busy, we expected it to be the same this time.  God, we were disappointed as there was only about 20 people there.  The atmosphere that we experienced on our last visit wasn’t there also, but no matter I met a few people that I have gotten to know since our last visit and I was with Boss so I was a happy little girl.

Also we got privacy for Boss to flog me some and I got to flog naughty Boss also.  [PLEASE NOTE] I am no Domme, so don’t ask me to be that.  Boss identifies as a switch and he doesn’t have a Dominate at the moment who he can play with.  I feel guilty as I know how a good flogging or spanking makes me feel, so I try to give at least one session to Boss so he doesn’t miss out.

Boss botty all red, lovely & warm

Boss botty all red, lovely & warm

Boss stay over at my house, he spent Sunday morning with me the kids before returning it to his house.

I must admit my Sunday was a bit of wet sponge due my tiredness hehe, but heck I enjoy myself, my time with the kids and my special time with Boss.

So this little girl is happy as for the first time ever, I had managed to mix vanilla with kink without too much separation.  Thank you Boss so much.


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