Wanton Desires

What I think about when I think of Boss, who I missing so much this week..

What I think about when I think of Boss, who I missing so much this week..

Mr Erotic Everywhere has been asking a number of questions over the last couple of weeks within his blog:-

  1. What is your simple pleasures?
  2. What is your sexual addiction?
  3. What forbidden fruit have you lusted after?

I haven’t actually left any message(s) regarding the questions that he asked, but I thought I would make a post of my own when Mr Erotic Everywhere comes up with brilliant ideas or questions.  So here goes nothing.

My simple pleasure it hold my partner them close, stroke their body, running my fingers through their hair; whether on their head or over their body.  Writing this made me think of the Yellow Page’s slogan from years ago “Let you fingers do the walking” or in my case “Let my fingers to the talking”, why I have no idea. All I know I like give little touches to my partner not just during the naughtiness but throughout the whole day.  I am one of those people who love to give loads hugs and cops random feels *blush*.

Sexual addiction for is give my man a blow job, it is my way to worship him, to honour him. I have discovered since starting this journey that nothing makes me more centred faster than kneeling in front of my man.  Just waiting, anticipation and hoping that I get to worship him.  I lick my lips, making them nice and wet.

If I am lucky little girl, then I will be given permission to worship his cock.  His cock is big, long and erect for me, freeing him from the confines that my man’s has had him under.  For me it’s size is not important I just love how it looks, it’s texture and how it appears to wink me at.  Offering him a kiss before I start licking his tip making it nice and wet.  As gently take him in my mouth and I begin my process that I have described numerous times.

On off my proudest moments lately is having Boss take my mouth and face fuck me, I didn’t gag like I have in the past, that night I was grinning from ear to ear because I finally been able to do something that I have be trying to do for SO long, that grin never faded until days later.  Bless him, Boss wondered why I was grinning like a Cheshire cat it took him a few days to ask me why.  After I explained him  he was grinning also.

Forbidden Fruit that I have lusted after but never actually had a relationship with was one particular gent I had known since I was 18 when my he became my mum’s Telebank collector.  Telebank was a coin rental company that my mother had for years, you put a pound coin in the television which allowed you X amount of television viewing for that pound, it was  used by poorer families to obtain household goods that they couldn’t afford normally.  The collector would come around once a month and take out any rental money out and any monies over the amount due was returned to their client.

When this gent in particular started coming around my mum’s I just had my eldest and my mum was in recovery from her first heart attack.  I was her main carer, helping with my younger brother and sister; both of which were running her ragged.  The gent’s banter and conversation was the highlight of my month so to speak.

From the start we openly flirted with each other, our chats revolved around both our love woo’s, etc. After about 5 years, I basically thought off this gent off as friend.  I had moved into my own little flat by this time, although my mum’s health over these 5 years hadn’t improved; at times gotten much worse, I still saw this gent nearly every month.  His visits to my mum’s had gotten longer 99% of the time included coffee and a chat with me.

I can still remember the day he told me was leaving the route, he was getting promoted how furlong he looked, my biggest regret ever was I didn’t ask him out on a date.  As this is one relationship with man I would have liked to have gone much much further.  But instead, I put on my biggest grin, gave a huge hug and wished him all the best with the promotion and his life.

Even now nearly 17 years later, I still wonder what he is doing, is he married and most of is he happy. *Huge sigh* I hope he is no matter where he is.

6 thoughts on “Wanton Desires

  1. Very sweet story about the telebank man. How much do you want to bet he sometimes wonders the same things about you? Life is a funny thing…the connections we make, and sometimes the ones we miss, can really shape our perspective. Thanks for sharing lady!

    (and I agree about the cock worship. Makes me grin too!)

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