Daily Prompt: Undo

Found on Facebook

Found on Facebook

If you could un-invent something, what would it be? Discuss why, potential repercussions, or a possible alternative.

I wasn’t going to take part in this Daily Post as I personally don’t want anything un-invented that just seems truly weird to me.  Why would I would want something un-invent anything, as I might use or value something but they could be really important to someone.

I have saw on my WordPress reader some ideas from other bloggers, I don’t want to repeat their ideas.  Then it came to while surfing Facebook feeling rather guilty about not doing this prompt, it came to me.

I would wish that people would love themselves, their body shape or size.

I am no super model myself, I am a UK size 18/20, although it is not my heaviest; UK size 32, and not my lightest; UK size 10/12, I am reasonable happy with my weight and dress size, although I will admit that have to get down to size 16; a deal I made with my hospital doctor and ex-Sir, I am not rushing it.  The one thing I wish I could get rid off is my tummy; I loathe it some days. Then I see pictures like the one above, it not only does it make me smile, some of these slogan even make me giggle and some make me go “Hmmm”.

What makes my blood boil, is when I read new reports when they are talking about a woman, they 90% of the time they give her dress size or body shape, in some newspapers even comment on a women’s chest size.  News reports don’t do this when they talk about men, why do they feel the need to comment when talking about women WHY!!!

It give nothing extra to whatever they are reporting, it is bad enough that the mass media don’t believe women should be over the size 2.  Don’t get me started on so called “clothes stores” which the majority feel that women shouldn’t be over a size 14/16.

Found on Facebook: this just made me giggle.

Found on Facebook: this just made me giggle.

14 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Undo

  1. Excellent point. I’m trying to protect my ten-year-old daughter from the unhealthy thin obsession of tv, music and all other media. I don’t want her to believe that women are supposed to be thin, and as you say, she has to love herself the way she is.

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