Daily Prompt: Mentor Me

Have you ever had a mentor? What was the greatest lesson you learned from him or her?

I have never had an official or formal mentor either in my so called “normal” life or within “BDSM” life.  The closest I have to what I think and understanding of what a mentor is and that would be Boss.  He teaches so much and not just BDSM related and maybe he doesn’t realise that he has done so much for me.

Back to the question I donn’t have mentor; within my understanding of what one is, what I have is people within my life who are forever teaching me new things ALL the time.

My kids introduce to me to new types of music whether I want to know or not; sometimes my ears bleed at the noise, they bedazzle me with their logic and understanding every single minute of every day.

Their friends introduce not only my kids to new things and/or ways of thinking but also they learn about different types of families, develop new interests and how to get along with many different type of people; virtually or in real-life, as the kids are like me they are WOW gamer’s.

Friends introduce me to new cultures, languages, and their loves, likes and dislikes.  We offer each other support, listening ear and hugs if one is required sometimes even when none is required.  Doesn’t matter if you are my friend in real-life, online life, gaming life, blogging life or from Fetlife if you need a friend, someone to talk to, some to listen then most people know at least one way to get hold off me and most people know, that it doesn’t matter when it is I will try to answer as quickly as possible.  There is no time limit on how long we can chat, although there maybe some restrictions due to time differences and commitment that the kids require for their needs to be met.

Even random anonymous people who we interact with everyday teach us something; good or bad, whether it is just remembering to be respectful to others or you discovering that your anger breaking point is not as low as you think  as you repeating yourself for 15th time during a telephone call to a call centre *giggles*.

5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Mentor Me

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