Photoshoot: Gamlaman, Boss & Me

Teddy and I looking cute

Teddy and I looking cute

Within in Fetlife there is a large number of professional photographer’s who join every month from all over the world.  I have the good fortune to have recently met with two new to Fetlife.  I am have a lucky little girl to have my photographs taken by them both.  Gamlaman; his Fetlife handle, is one of those newer professional photographers; although he claims he is not one but I disagree with him, that I have meet with recently and whom I am going to talk about today.

I first became aware of Gamlaman’s work through Boss; who has modeled for him a couple of times, and the pictures that he has produced of Boss were downright amazing and what he can do in the editing process is downright spectacular.  Make my attempts in Photoshop to be downright amateurish.  After many false starts; due to the snow that UK has had, we finally got to meet up the last day of January at Boss’s house using his studio that Boss has made within his attic.

Hoping to be someone's Valentine

Hoping to be someone’s Valentine

We started off with material and mast shoots similar to the picture above.  The we allowed Boss to model with us also, then moved on to suspension bondage shoots. Those pictures are not included here, but are available on my Fetlife profile; will share my profile name privately with anyone who asks.

After we have a lunch break we moved on the Burlesque style shoot that I talked about in an earlier post, but I wanted you all to know that we did that we did this during the shoot with Gamlaman.  His editing and pictures are included below.

DNlittle_girl at Studio Silk

Burlesque style shoot

DNlittle_girl at Studio Silk

Burlesque style shoot

We then moved on to restraint bench; which Gamlaman had professed an interest in during our email conversations, he hadn’t seen what it was used for.  He was unsure if he wanted to take part on any activities that would happen when I was restrained.

I spoke with Boss; who offers lessons to though who would like training in spanking impliments like flogger or crop.  Boss also offers to help submissive progress what they are spanked with.  That if Gamlaman wished to have a go then I would like him to be shown how and I don’t mind if Gamlaman praticed on me, but naughty of Boss and I we didn’t say anything to Gamlaman.

DNlittle_girl at Studio Silk

Won this corsage at MARS event on New Years eve, but hadn’t used it yet…

DNlittle_girl at Studio Silk

Let me know what will be use on my booty later

DNlittle_girl at Studio Silk

Letting me know that I had been very naughty so I will pay the price

These pictures above were done before the fun started.  Boss had made up the sticker before with a label maker, and I hope to add them so I can use them some more with in this blog.  I have included additional pictures from that session but are available on my Fetlife profile; will share my profile name privately with anyone who asks.

DNlittle_girl at Studio Silk

I could stop being naughty, even with teddy, so he had to use the flogger on me *giggle*

DNlittle_girl at Studio Silk

Homage to this blog

Then the we moved on to couple of last series of shots, that I had requested Gamlaman if we could do if we had time.  I wanted a couple of pictures with a teddy; one at the top of this post, that Boss had given to me, and lastly the picture of the sticker in full across my chest homage to this blog.

I really enjoy myself, had a great giggle with Boss and Gamlaman, even though it was a long day for us all.  I hope to have the opportunity to have another shoot with him again.

{EDIT}: I am still awaiting photos from the other professional photographer that I shoot with recently, I will share with you all when I do and if I get permission.

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