Daily Prompt: The Clock

She looks better than me of a morning *hehe*

Write about anything you’d like. Somewhere in your post, include the sentence, “I heard the car door slam, and immediately looked at the clock.”

She picked up her mobile phone and looked bleary at the time displayed on it, having trouble focusing after what seemed like a lifetime her eyes focus seeing it read 7.45 am “Oh shit, I slept in again.”  Fighting with thick, hot duvet kicking it off, she dived out off bed, grabbing her housecoat as she did.

Knocking on both the kid’s room door yelling “Get up, we have slept in again.” Shouting a bit more loudly “Come on, MOVE IT GUYS!”  Hearing movement from both rooms, she ran down the stairs, turning on the lights as she went.  Reaching the kitchen, she started on making the elixer of life; coffee, and getting stuff ready for the kids breakfasts, making sure that the stuff they needed for their day.

Taking a second sip out of her coffee as the kids thundered down the stairs, yelling at her for sleeping in again.  Taking a deep breath she states “Remember you two, you both have mobile phones and alarm clocks.  You are both teenagers, there is not many of your friends who still get up with their children in the morning.  If you have an issue with my time-keeping then you both can take over you own wake-up routines.”   Turning to her son “Simon, get your shoes, where you think thinking.  Move it and get them now, your taxi will be here in a minute.”  Then looking at her daughter “Right young lady I will call you a cab to get you to school on time, so you have no excuse not have breakfast.  So sit lady NOW!”

Both kids did as they were told, reaching for her mobile and dials for Samantha’s taxi.  Ten minutes, hearing the taxi car door slam, and looking up at the clock, she thought “Not bad they were up and out in under fifteen minutes.”  As she turned around to make herself another coffee.

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