Tumblr Gives Me Naughty Ideas

I don’t know about other WordPress bloggers, I love trolling tumblr for photos.  Before the resounding groan from many off you start please let me explain further.  Yes I know, most of Tumblr can be filled sexually explicit pictures, but that I am not talking about them per say; as nice as they are.

I have been told I have very artistic eye, I like pictures for their artistic beauty rather than them being sexually explicit, if they make me giggle then they won also.

There was a couple pictures that caught my eye a few weeks.

I emailed Boss this one first.

Tumblr find

The pictures on the left was the first picture I had asked Boss.  It is based on a Burlesque balloon dance and as I said numerous times I love Burlesque and I would so like to learn how to.  So when I saw this picture I could resist asking Boss if we could do this when I was his a couple of weeks ago.

Emailed Boss this

Tumblr find

Picture on the right, just made me giggle when I saw it, I send an email to Boss with the email header “Cover me I am going in”, he sent me an email back pick up some toy soldiers.

So this little girl goes shopping, lucky for me my local pound store had the toy soldiers as we don’t have any toy stores any more where I live any more.  It could have meant a trip to Bradford or Leeds if I couldn’t find some here.

Believe it or not it was the balloons that gave me the biggest headache, due to it being nearly Valentine day most of the balloons are red or heart shaped, as lovely as they are they were not what I was looking for.  Until I walked past a local bedding store and noticed they had several different colours of balloons.  Being rather cheeky I went asks the ladies who were working in the store, where they had bought them from, following their suggestion I managed to pick up last two packs of white balloons they had.  WHOO HOO  Now the hard task keeping my purchases hidden from my kids, until I got to Boss’s house.

We started with balloons when there was a fellow photographer there; more details in a later post, and the following day did the shots with the soldiers but Boss add to the soldier theme hehe.


Balloon protecting my modesty


Balloons protecting my modesty for the moment

Picture of Boss in homage to the tumblr picture

Picture of Boss in homage to the tumblr picture

Picture of Boss in homage to the tumblr picture

Picture of Boss in homage to the tumblr picture

Protect the higher ground "MEN DOWN"

Protect the higher ground “MEN DOWN”

Then Boss got naughty hehe

Then Boss got naughty hehe

Then Boss got naughty hehe

Then Boss got naughty hehe

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