Daily Prompt: Choose Your Adventure

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Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your readers invent the conclusion.

This is a story I had been working on for while, but I been struggling with how to end it, as I would like it to become larger in time, maybe a series.  So I am hoping that Daily Prompt readers might help me some ideas, I would be really interested in seeing what other come up with.  I will accept all ideas or suggestions.  If I use anyone’s idea’s or suggestion I will credit you with it also.

For Sarah, the last year had been both exciting and frustrating in equal measures.  She never dreamed her life could be like this when she ask her husband for a divorce.  She knew that for him this came out of nowhere, but for her it had been bubbling and festering like an open wound for years and although she loved her husband greatly over the last couple she had grown to hate him as much as she loved him.

She let a tiny sigh and ran her finger through her hair her long brown hair, as she got back to work as a secretary in a law firm.  She told herself “Don’t go there anymore, he is not worth any of her time.” Quietly reminded herself, “Just because that silly bastard didn’t value you, doesn’t mean that others will be the same.”  That last statement, can become her own personal mantra lately, she wanted to move past her marriage and go forth to find someone new; maybe not serious, who would be interested in her sexually, emotionally and intelligently, the things that her husband had lost so much interest in.

He instead found solace with a bottle of beer and cheap looking bottle blondes in the porn movies he didn’t know she knew about.   She had looked at them one day, when he was out and laughed how false these stupid girls were and shaking her head how can think that this is how a “real women” would act during sex.  She knew that husband would never fucked her like what the movies he was watching.  Hell, if he had she wouldn’t be asking him for divorce.

Letting out a more audible sign, she focused her attention back on the legal brief that she was meant to be typing up for one the partner’s of the firm.  She quickly typed it up and was proof-reading the document to double-check there weren’t any mistakes.  That is when she heard footsteps approaching her desk.  Looking up over the top of glasses, she saw it was the one of the other lawyer’s in the firm, biting her lip she ask meekly “Can I help you, Sir?”

God he was one the most handsome male lawyer’s in her office, he wore his suits like it was moulded directly on his hard firm body, and how he smelled to her, was like a good single malt should, woody mixed in slight peat and blackberries.  She had to consciously suppress a groan as she awaited him to answer her question.  She shifted uncomfortable in her chair under his intense gaze, that seemed too look straight and deep into her soul.

“Can I help you, Sir?” she repeated a little bit louder, looking up and making eye contact with him for the first time since he approached.  That is when she spotted he was smiling slightly down to her, “Oh my!” she exclaimed “Is there anything, I can do for you Sir?”

What after seemed like hours, he responded “There are many things you can do for me Mrs Kindled. For the moment, I would like you to do is to finish your current task, then report to my office.  Is that clear?”

Swallowing deeply I quickly replied “Yes Sir understood”

He smiled wider this time; a lot wider, and as he turned, he said “I will await your arrival, be quick about it.”  With that he walked quickly away.

Quickly replying “Yes Sir”, I returned my attention to the forgotten document, telling myself to “Breath, just breathe and concentrate.” I scanned the remaining document, printed it off put it together on the front sleeve of the file and then quickly placed it in the appropriated lawyer’s cubbyhole.  Then I made my way quickly to the handsome lawyer’s officer and gently knocked on the door.  With one hand on the door handle, I waited for the lawyer to give her permission to enter.  She started to fidget with her clothing while waiting, tugging at her top and skirt.

After what seemed like an age, she heard his commanding voice say “Come in.”  She pushed down the handle to the door and entered his office gingerly and then shutting the office door quietly once she had entered then she walked up to his desk and stood in front it.  He was sitting furiously writing on a yellow legal pad and then he suddenly stopped writing like he was deep in thought.

Only then did she say “You wanted to see me Sir?”

He looked up in surprise when she uttered her question “Oh yes Sarah, I wish to know if you have plans for this evening?”

Her eyebrows shot up with surprise, she gave a involuntary gasp as her mind raced through the endless possibilities of why he was asking such a question of her.  “Oh my god!  Why would he be asking me this question?  I didn’t think he knew who the hell I was.” Swallowing deeply she found her voice biting her lip, she asked “Me Sir? May I ask why you are asking?”

“The reason why I am asking Sarah is due to the fact there is a party tonight where all the partners and their wives will be attending and I would like to know if you would be my date for tonight.” He replied, swallowing deeply then he added “I know that we haven’t really spoken since you joined the firm and I hope you will not see me as being too forward in asking you to attend this me.  I am truly sick of attend things like this alone and everyone there trying to set me up with blind dates with their friends and colleagues, it has me feeling like a god damn charity case.  I know this is not the thing that you expected when you joined this firm and I wouldn’t normally ask, but…” he suddenly turned crimson and his gaze shifted from me to the floor “you are the prettiest girl in the office.” With that his face became even redder.

Sarah smiled widely at the embarrassment he had shown and his admission and replied “I have no plans for this evening Sir and would be honoured to go with you.”

“Firstly Sarah you mustn’t call me Sir when we out this, please call me Fyfe it is my name is after all.”  he said smiling

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