Picture it & Write


Picture it & Write is a weekly creative writing prompt hosted by the Ermilia coauthors, Ermisenda and Eliabeth.  We invite you to join in; continue the story or starting your own based on inspiration from the image.  Poetry and foreign languages are welcome, but please provide a translation.  This photograph will be reblogged under Ermisenda on tumblr and added to the Picture it & Write gallery on Facebook and Pinterest.

Felicity spotted her daughters ballet shoes caught up in a branch underneath her bedroom window.  She knew her daughter was upset that she didn’t do well at her recital last night, but not bad enough to throw all her hard work away.

Felicity walk over to the bush and picked up the shoes, gloves and pearl necklace.  Feeling the ballet shoe suddenly brought back memories of Rebecca’s first ballet lesson “God she was so small” she thought “So scared but really excited about dancing.”  With some sadness she wish the girl upstairs still felt the same way now.

Then Felicity remember all the videos that she had taken of all those recitals over years, maybe it was time for some movie time with Rebecca, with a hope that gives her back what she use to feel.

While walking to the livingroom, Felicity placed items that Rebecca had thrown out on the kitchen table and went to look for all those DVD she had done last year.

She thought “Her goes nothing”, reaching for the DVD she called for Rebecca to join her downstairs.

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