Daily Prompt: Think Global, Act Local

“Think global, act local.” Write a post connecting a global issue to a personal one.

For me this is a hard one as I don’t tend to involved with global issues as they tend to be involving political parties or governments that have questionable ethics.  The last one I can remember getting involved with was in 198 when the famine in Africa hit, it was the same time when “Do They Know it Christmas” was produced.

It is last time that I remember that everyone did something to aid in the relief work. In school we gather things like flour and other dried foods to send out.  At the same time, I was part of the Girl Brigade and they had us knitting jumpers and collecting t-shirts.  I believe we did this for a year or so.

With my opening statement I do help organisations in different ways it can be small thing like giving a donation or my time, but nothing I could say would effect global changes.

{Edit} Sorry this is late but it is one of those days where I haven’t had time to sort it out.  Also please excuse any grammar errors as I typing this up drinking my third glass of wine; yes I am light weight giggles.

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