Sinful Sunday: Sex & Power

Agreed the sight of a man pound away at you while you are tied there is nothing short off super hot.
I also agree that the desire to get free can be great, but just think of what you would miss out on there Robert.
Your description of your submission is super sexy as always.

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gay sex and power

Muscles, big muscles, muscles with tattoos, muscles that ripple as they flex, muscles that glisten as they ‘pump’.

There is nothing unattractive about a muscular man. Some people like lean and muscular, others like big and muscular, and quite a few like hairy and muscular. But he has to be muscular and confident.

Muscles are equivocal to strength and power: two things that I feel incredibly attracted to. Strength and power lead to confidence and dominance.

Power is sexy.

Taste it, lick it, and bite it, as if it were a thing I could devour.

There are times when I am consumed by a hunger for it.

Power is a thing I must submit to.

The power of submission is an all-consuming obsession.

I no longer have to be in charge or make all the decisions.

To simply be, enjoy his power, see him take control.

Wrists are often bound…

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