Reblog: My Response to Daddy’s 25 D/lg facts

I found this one Google reader.  It seemed appropriate for this post.

I found this one Google reader. It seemed appropriate for this post.

I found this list on Google reader and can be found here.

List of D/lg facts

  1. Sucking too much air through your sippy cup just to make the annoying noise so Daddy will know that you need more juice will give you gas.
  2. You can always call Daddy back after “tuck in time” one…two… three… times before there are consequences. (Especially if your questions are about something intelligent or philosophical!)
  3. Laughter is the best medicine.
  4. No matter how many times you say “please” Daddy will not let you use the adult potty.
  5. Daddy will check for monsters under the bed, but only if you remind him.
  6. It doesn’t matter if the little girl sleeps with a blanket over her head, she will ALWAYS sleep better if there are stars projected on the ceiling.
  7. Always check her work, she will always do things with the best inetntions, but she is little and sometimes forgets tiny details. (Some good examples are things that involve packing and/or reading labels. 😉 )
  8. When lying in the big bed, she will always lie in the middle and Daddy will be on the edge.
  9. She will also take all the pillows.
  10. Always ask Daddy for help, no matter how small it is. He is always willing.
  11. Daddy will be tired at the end of the day. So will you.
  12. It is always better if Daddy makes it, touches it, or gets it for his little girl.
  13. Things always sound better when said in Italiano.
  14. If there are bubbles in the tub, expect her to scoop them up and then blow them on you… every time…
  15. She only remembers to brush her teeth every night if you get her a princess toothbrush and toothpaste, and you brush right along with her.
  16. No matter how many times a bedtime story is read, she will always listen intently to the same story the next night.
  17. Adult Little girls, are in fact, OCD. Things must be color coordinated, symmetric, and if she has her way.. alphabetical order. (This includes the placement of wall decals, which must be put in exact locations and relatively to everything else.)
  18. Snow will always make her excited. Even if there is barely a dusting and its to cold to go out and play.
  19. S’mores are really messy. REALLY REALLY messy. Daddy should always help.
  20. “Daddy Daddy Daddy Daddy Daddy Daddy” doesn’t always mean that she has something to say. She just likes saying that word over and over for no reason.
  21. No is the most over used word in the little girl language.
  22. Always make sure to clear the little girls pathway to the bathroom at night. It’s common knowledge that little girl zombies run into doors and trip over cords.
  23. A little girl can turn a short trip to Walmart into an adventure.
  24. Always, always put down something underneath the paper she is drawing on. Markers bleed threw.
  25. There are never enough, “I love yous.”

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