Daily Prompt: Musical

What role does music play in your life?

Music plays a huge part in my life, not just my own personal choices in music; which is wide and varied, but also with friends and family also.  I produced a list of videos below, I could add hundreds more but thought I would I better limit it some what.

My musical taste :

From one of my all time favourite movies.

One of my mum favourite singers and her favourite song

One of dad’s favourites I think he wore out the LP of this album

One singer and song that my parents agreed on.

My parents were giant Elvis fans – songs and movies

Cliff Richard his songs and movies was another favourite in our house when I was growing up.

The song that both my mum and I adored.

This song is one that just makes me smile, it was also the song that I sung to get into the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony Choir  [Edinburgh 1986] but I am tone deaf and sing VERY badly.

The song E and I used for our wedding song, much to the disappointment of my mother.

The first movie that my parents allowed us to stay late for.

I was jealous of Jennifer Grey in this movie.  It was the first movie I bought on VHS & DVD and still love to this day.

His posters were all over my wall as a teenager.

I was so in love with these guys as a teenager.  Their posters replaced Shakin’ Steven’s.

U2 was the biggest band for as long as remember.

Mr Adams used to help me do all my ironing on a Saturday morning when the kids watch the cartoons

This song can still make cry.

This song always makes me smile and want to dance.

This song kids used in a Breakfast Club that they attended.

This video reminds of a Mill & Boons novel cover and the tune is quite catchy.  The girls on WOW didn’t thank me for sharing this one hehe.

What I tell everyone, they are beautiful no matter what.

I think this video is amazing.

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