What Does £25 Means To You Both

What I felt like doing this morning talking to D’s school and S.

I am going to warning all you this is rant, if you don’t want you Friday ruined then I suggest you move along fast.

With issues that D has had over the years, hasn’t always remained at home.  It is no secret that his issue have extended into his school(s) and they got that bad the state high school that he was attending couldn’t cope with him.  So much so by the time he left he was only attending two days out off 5 and some weeks not at all.

For about the last two years of that school they had him in a private organisation PP one day a week, D loved it there. It was the one day of my week where I knew I could go for shower without worrying that I would get a phone in middle of it; no matter how quickly I showered, it was one day I could go to shopping in another town without having to make sure I had enough cash for a taxi fare back, just in case he kicked off.  I grown to value PP and the time to myself it allowed me.

Even more when we went through the statement process and a new school as it was one constant throughout and helped D to cope.  As D doesn’t do well with change at all.  PP offers D sporting opportunities and a chance to interact with other young men from different background.

PP like other organisations they lost some of their funding about eight months ago, it was then they approached the schools to over the kids funding.  They are only asking the schools to contribute between £15-25 per session per person.  Which in my book, it was well worth it, heck I would agree to them asking for double if not triple that amount.

When I asked for the local Education Department (ED) to extend D schooling for a year, it was in the provision that he attended PP and also a college, with him attending his school on a part-time basis.  Fast forward to a month ago, when I received a called from S who runs PP asking who he should contact in ED as they hadn’t be paid since D returned in September.

So I phoned up S the head of ED who believed that it should be D’s school should be paying for it.  S stated that he would contact the school and make it happen.

Phoned this school this morning to be told they don’t see why they should pay for D to be at PP, told them I was phoning S to sort it out.  It was then S and his department was review D involvement with PP as his school feels he has more than enough provision.  I can’t believe this is happen this is happening all over £15-25 a week oh my god if I could afford it I would pay for it myself.

D school gets paid; by the local ED, for him to attend five days a week, which he never attended he has only actually attend his current school four days a week.  The way I see it his school owes the ED one day a week for the last two and half year school years, therefore I believe that D’s school should pay for it.

I have never ask or wanted how much the local ED pay D’s school a week or year for him to attend there, but if it become a bigger issue then I informed the local ED that I will be looking for the financial breakdown for the last two and half years, heck I have even asked a couple of friends to help me make head or tails of the financial information if I need it.  As I am not willing for D to lose PP and the progress he makes while he attends there.

£25 means a lot to me, heck when I was waiting for money to be sorted out, it was the amount that I had to feed two kids, dog and myself, for a week to D’s school or the ED it is minute.  Yes I know you have staff, rent, utilities and such to pay out and in this economic time all organisations are tightening their belts but £25 compare to both your yearly budgets it is small.

To D’s school, I am sure your daily rate is likely over ten times that amount. If I were to work out how much you extra you have claimed from my local ED in two and half years, would you be willing to repay that amount?  I think not.

End of rant….

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