Daily Prompt: Dearly Departed

This is how I want to be remembered for

This is how I want to be remembered for not having any “What ifs” left.

Write your own eulogy.

This lady who lies before us now, filled many roles within her lifetime daughter, sister, friend, wife and mother to but a few,and we all gather here to remember what she meant to us all.

Even though she was a daughter she has no parents living, as a sister she has asked her siblings and their families not to attend as she felt that during her they couldn’t or wouldn’t get to know her so why should they be part of her passing.  She never claimed that her parents and siblings were part of her life and for a large part of her adult they weren’t.

She instead choose to make her own family, including not only her three beautiful children, but those she chose as friends, most of which are here today.  She told me, that her friends were everything to her, they help out in so many ways even if it was just listening to her complain about whatever her latest stress was, many were there for her when no one else was.  For this she wanted to thank everyone gathered here today for being that friend and ultimately her family.

Her early life she tried to live how others felt she should, she tried to be the best mother to her three children, she knows she wasn’t always the best mother in the world.  She just hopes in time you will be able to forgive her in time as she tried.  She tried to do what she thought was best sometimes she didn’t always get it right, but she tried.

It was only when her kids were nearly grown and ready to leave home, did she start living her life how she wanted too.  She know at this time it hurt some people, her ex husband for one.  Many have questioned her choices at this time, she knows that a lot were worried.  She knows in time your worries were laid to rest when you seen how much happier she became.

That is how she hope you all remember her here today happy, as this not a celebration of her death but of her living how she wanted to.  Therefore she ask you all to go out of this place have drink/s on her and remember the happier times please.

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