Daily Prompt: I Got Skills

Random Tumblr find but say so much about me.  giggles

Random Tumblr find but say so much about me. giggles

If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?

Well did I not giggle when I read this lastest from Daily Prompt as I know this are normally meant to be help those with a normal mainstream blogs, which I have never claimed this one to be.  Although, I do broach on more mundane elements of my life but this daily prompt is too good not to to go into skill(s) that I hope to achieve as a submissive and as Daddy’s little girl.

The biggest long term thing I have been working is since ex-Sir and I got together is my sensitive gag-reflex that I have.  I have been using the toothbrush technique to help with it, that can take you so far.  I want to desensitize the gag-reflex due to my desire to be deep-throated by my Dominate.  All I can say it is better than it was, but there is times when it returns which upsets me a bit.  I know there is some guys who like nothing better than having and feeling their girl gag when they are giving blow job or throat-fucking; I have read all the arguments  for and against this on sites like Fetlife, but to me it is personal pride if I don’t gag and have that sudden urge to throw up when I go down on my guy.  So I am continue with my training and maybe in time it will go.

Another long term goal of mine is to be trained anally.  As I have a deep desire to be fucked anally, I waited such a long time for it too happen I want it done right.

Even though I have list two if I had to choose one then for me would disengage my gag reflex as that is something that I have to learn to control as the other I think will come in time hehe.

A non-kink I would like to learn well that would be to get more masterful with my camera learn to take better pictures and be able to edit them better also in like programmes like Photoshop.

10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: I Got Skills

  1. My wife seemingly has very little gag-reflex and can deep-throat. Now deep is a subjective word mind you. She can deep-throat me…and I am of average size…not sure what she would do with bigger? You stated that some guys like hearing/feeling their girl gag…don’t have an opinion on that…but do have a question. I know that if I gag (on a toothrush) I might actually throw up…and have seen this happen on a movie before. My question is, if that were to happen would not the stomach acid burn??…the penis is rather sensitive. Not that I want you to try and find out…just curious.

    In regards to your question from my perspective, I would think that overcoming one’s gag-reflex would get you more points than being able to participate in anal sex effectively…but I guess that depends on the guy.
    As an aside I had a girlfriend once that could effectively deep-throat, to the point where I could literally fuck her throat without her gagging (and she liked that sort of thing) BUT she would gag while brushing her teeth…every time…and no the tootbrush was not bigger than I. hehe

    Good luck with both!

    • Thank you for your comment and reading this little blog entry, I truly appreciate everyone who does.

      My gag reflex is minimum these days which I am more than happy about considering where I started from; when I started I couldn’t much past a man’s tip. I just hope it continues hehe.

      Yes I do admit the toothbrush method is limited, that is why this little girl does like to practice on the real thing ;-). There is similar method which is to use a vibrator or dildo instead using the toothbrush. I personally can’t stand the taste of which most are made off. Some have suggested using a banana instead, not a favourite of mine either.

      One of the reason for my desire to lose my gag reflex is nothing kills the mood faster than having your lady dashing off to “throw up” or however you want to call it. Yes that has happened to me a number of times. I have no knowledge about stomach acid effects on a man’s penis, even Google has no suggestions. If there is any medical professionals willing to give their judgement please do so. I would be so grateful.

      Yes, I agree with “most” men would appreciate a lady with a minimum gag reflex more than one who can have anal sex, but I am also very aware; through experience and the blogs I follow with my alter-ego; foxy, some men expect both. Anal training is my own personal preference rather than a need or desire of Boss’, although is more than happy to help with it all [giggles].

  2. I wish I could master the gag reflex as well. I’ve even gone so far as to use numbing spray, which absolutely does not work. Maybe the old saying is true: Practice makes perfect?

    • Giggle that is the excuse I am going use for now hehe, any way practice on a “real” person is much more enjoyable than other method I found.

      Additionally, the recent people who I have enjoyed my practice haven’t complained too much 😉

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