Daily Prompt: In a Crisis

keep calm and blog on 8 x 10

Honestly evaluate the way you respond to crisis situations. Are you happy with the way you react?

How I respond depends on the crisis and who is involved.  I know that sounds like a cop out, but it is truly the truth I will further expand within this post.

I am a trained first aider, have been since the age of 12-13.  My first aid skills have be used a numerous times of the twenty years plus, nothing too serious thankfully.

One time that I remember clearly was the time that my sister and I were returning home after buying a new kitchen table at a local DIY store near where she stayed.  We approach a roundabout near her home there was a traffic jam; which was real unusual in her town, I also noticed a number of people hanging around the car at the front of the jam.  I got out and headed up to the car, noticed the driver was having a Grand Mal seizure.  I shouted over to my sister to call an ambulance as I also noticed his breathing was not great either.

I realized the gent was wearing false teeth which was not allow him to breath properly so I reached around to either side of his jaw and pushed my fingers gently in between his teeth to allow him breath easier.

At this point one of the bystanders says “You shouldn’t do that with an epilepsy, I should know I am police officer.”  Now I did wonder why he didn’t try to help the driver; as 90% of all UK serving police officers are trained in basic first aid, or phone an ambulance?  I just shook my head I look around to find a young gent I replied “Yeah I know your meant to leave them alone, but this gent’s false teeth are restricting his breathing and what I am doing is the safest way to enable him without getting hurt. Unless you want to try and take his teeth out?  As if I don’t do this he will be dead from the lack of oxygen before the ambulance arrive.”

The police officer holds his hands “No way am I doing that.”  I giggled and got a bit cheeky and told him “Tell you what go and do what a police do best, direct the traffic around this please.”

Thankfully the ambulance turned up about five minutes later.  I stepped backed and spoke with an officer leaving my name and address; as I was classed as first responder, ask the ambulance staff to contact me a let me know how he was.

I learned later the gent made a full recovery.  In that situation and a number of similar issues I was cool, collected and in control.

That includes when someone needs a telephone call,  letter need written, form needing filled and number other things that some would consider a crisis or an issue.  I am always happy with way I react in a crisis when dealing with others.

Now that changes the minute there is an issue or crisis with one of the kids that calm, collected and in control seems to leave completely and I become a big mess of stupid  all the training & logic I have had goes straight out the window.  So it involves the kids no I am never happy with they way I react EVER, but they are my babies; even if they are all over 5 foot, and they always will be and I am their mum so my reaction is always way over the top and very protective of all three of them.

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