Date Ideas: Daddy & little girl

This is a list which Mr Reblogger shared with me; thank you so much, and his ideas are great, so I thought I would run with it not only adding his list but also pictures.  This is just a list of ideas and not a personal list of where I would like to go on a date.

Ice cream

Paint your own pottery shop

Watch a sunrise or sunset from you favourite spot

Build a blanket fort

Go for a walk along a river or lake

2012-11-20 11.21.15
Volunteer together

Go to a charity (thrift) store and put together a silly or outrageous outfit.

Make a silly movie

Visit a pet store

Lie down on the grass and pick out clouds that makes a shape.

Go to a concert that she will enjoy

Take her shopping at her favourite store

Go for a drive, crank her music choice and sing aloud.

Go to a restaurant and just have appetizers of her choice

Take a hike

Get all dressed up and go out for a fancy dinner

Water ballon fight

Tour an historical place

Go disc golfing – or play frisbee

Make up a story together, have her do the illustrations for it.

Go swimming

Go to a book store or library and read together.

Go horseback riding

Go Dancing somewhere

Double date with another Daddy Dom and little girl, you both know

Take her fishing

Make a time capsule and bury it someplace only you two know

Attending a sporting event.

Pick a bouquet of flowers

Spend the afternoon playing tourist in your own town

Have a chat in the coffee shop

Have a picnic in the park

Shop for something special for “Mummy”

Get some old clothes on and wash the car together

Go bowling

Visit a public flower garden and “borrow” one flower each

Go hunting for cool and unique rocks

Play on the playground at a park

Play some interactive videos games such as Wii sports

Go to a movie together

Build a tree house together

Lay down and gaze at the stars

Visit a toy store and see who can find the weirdest toy

Excuse her from school and make her lunch

Spend two hours playing with her toys

Feed the birds

Send the rest of family our and snuggle up at home and watch a show of her choosing

If you need new clothing, take her with you to help you pick it out

Go miniature golfing

Watch an animal race

Try some new international cuisine

Take her ice skating

Visit a zoo or petting zoo

Go on a paddle boat, canoe or kayak

Take her to a women’s college, high school athletic team play

Take her to a carnival

Make “Just because” cards for friends and family

Visit a water park

Take her out to get a manicure and pedicure or give her one

Find a good place for pie and go for a slice

Play tourist for a day

Skips rocks along a lake

Go to an arcade and win as many tickets as you can for her

Plan and make a meal together If you can, take your little to your workplace

If you can, take your little to your workplace

Take your dogs for a walk around where you stay

Colour pictures together

Fly a kite

Build a sandcastle on a beach

Buy a toy championship bed, have regular wrestling matches for it

Hand out cold drinks at the part on a summer day

Go sledding

Make your own t-shirts

Go rollerskating

Climb a tree

Go tubing at a local ski resort.

Search for unusual shells on the beach

Go to build-a-bear

Check out a local festival

Rent a limousine and pick her up from school


Decorate a cake together

Preform a science experiment together

People watch at the mall

Attend an outdoor concert

Pant a landscape together using a couple of canvases and paints

Sign-up to walk or run event for a shared caused

Build a snowman, snow fort and have a snowball fight

Visit a local museum

Rake up the leaves into a huge pile and then jump in them

Play a card or board game

Take a class together

Got to a play at the local theatre

Take her out breakfast before school

Roast marshmallows in your back garden (backyard) and make up stories together

Play catch

Go for photo-walk you both have camera’s and take loads of pictures of you walk

If that all fails go and get an ice cream together.


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