Daily Prompt: Quote Me

I saw this quote and thought it fitted this post so much.

I saw this quote and thought it fitted this post so much.

I have been kind of busy so I missed out on some these so I am going to take my time and play catch up for a while on ones that I think I can answer with ease.

Do you have a favorite quote that you return to again and again? What is it, and why does it move you?

Anyone who know me either in real-life or online might have heard me say this:

“Age is just a number which others use to judge us by” unkown

I have just done a Google search and actually can’t find out who originally said it, but I have used it for years.

The above quote means to me so much as throughout my life I have been judged for doing things that I am considered too young for and now I sometimes get judged for acting younger than I am.  I don’t care, what my life has held has made me who I am today, what I currently am doing will shape who I become in the future.

I talk to all age groups; young and old, I have friends over wide age spectrum.  I treat each as an individual regardless of their actual biological age.

Anyway if you sit in judgement of others, then that says more about you than them.

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