Christmas & New Year

I love the shadow & lighting in this picture so much it is now my profile picture on Fetlife

I love the shadow & lighting in this picture so much it is now my profile picture on Fetlife

As I have stated in an early post, my eldest baby was going to be staying with us over Christmas.  I was super excited to have all the kids together over the holiday period.

The Saturday before Christmas, I went and picked up I at the station we headed over to ASDA (Walmart for my US followers) as need the last bits and pieces for Christmas dinner, then we headed back to my house.  Where the banter between I, myself, his brother and sister picked up like it was when he was always been here. So my home was soon filled with giggles, squeals and also the noise level increased lots as I is partially deaf.  But this mamma was very happy bunny with it all.

Again the shadows and the lighting are amazing on this picture

Again the shadows and the lighting are amazing on this picture

My ex-hubby dropped in to see the kids and drop off their presents, both of my boy’s relationship with E has never been what you would call calm or easy-going.  I was nearly 9 when E and I got together and he didn’t like the fact that wasn’t just us four anymore.  When he went through his teenage years the relationship between him and E was argumentive to say the least.  Since he moved out and he has grown up a little, they have now become verbal sparring partners.

Where D & E relationship as been so close to being physically abusive on D’s part that I doubt they will ever become that close, D hates the ground that E walks upon and because of how abusive D is towards E, E has gotten to the stage where he doesn’t like D, his attitude and they way he is.  He cares for him deeply like he does with all the kids, but the relationship with D is the one that has proved the hardest at times to see where the love is and has often left E wishing that D was no longer part of our family.

After the dog and kids had some time with him we managed to have a chat in the kitchen, where E informed me after the New Year he will be seeking a divorce.  You nearly had to pick me up off the floor as he has always maintained that he didn’t want a divorce and he wanted us to get back together.  Which I have always been straight with him and told him that would be unlikely to happen as I can’t live with the things the way they had been and we both needed to live our lives fully, not just partially like we had for many years before I had asked him for the divorce.  He also told me that he was taking up volunteering, which is something I had been trying to get him to do for years.  I think he has finally realized how unhappy we were both making each other.

The kids gave his birthday cards; his birthday was tomorrow, and we had some cupcakes which we added a candle too and sung him “Happy Birthday”, he is off to stay at friends house over his birthday and Christmas so we all wished him a Merry Christmas.  I also wished him all the best for the new year.

Looking good with Boss's waistcoat on

Looking good with Boss’s waistcoat on

No matter how much I have complained about E I have never ever wished him any ill will we have both kept it civil for the sake of the kids and I personally never wanted him to be made out as the bad guy or end our relationship and marriage amide huge arguments   I just want him to be happy again and that wasn’t going to happen with us two staying together.  I am so pleased that he is moving on with living his life, that make me a very happy soon to be ex-wife.

On Sunday, Boss dropped in on his way to York, talk about baptism of fire with all the kids here, and I didn’t wait until Boss had his cup of tea before probing him with questions on how he knew his mother.  Although Boss handled it diplomatically and kept his answer vague I knew it was time to tell the kids what their mother does occasionally, heck I had also had to approach the with I about BDSM.

Although I must admit having to talk to the kids regarding one of their parents sex life was not something every parent wants to do and most kids don’t want to think there parents are still “doing it”.  I know I didn’t want to know about my parents sex life AT ALL. Saying all of that I sat all the kids down and described; without including the naughty bits, what kind of photographs I model for.  I also explain very simply about BDSM and how I want to live my life to be like within it; again without the naughty bits, I left that for their imagination.  I have never been thankful for 50 Shades of Grey series, my disdain of it has been well know throughout this blog and the comments I left on others blogs.  But on this day, I was thankful for its popularity as I didn’t have to go into much detail.  In fact B asked me “Mum are you the one who ties up or the one being tied up?” was the most in depth question that the kids asked.

Look up with some fantastic lighting

Look up with some fantastic lighting

Monday; Christmas Eve, I went down to pick a couple things for me for the local supermarket as he knows how much I hate going shopping at this time of year; I call it “silly season”, the shops are all so packed  and I am unclear how it works in other countries but here people do find the need to catch up all on all the gossip in the middle of the aisles or just stop dead and abandon their shopping trolleys which means that trying to navigate around them.

I did go out to meet up with some friends before the mayhem we were going to meet up in a local cafe which turned out to be shut, so instead we headed to McDonalds; a rare treat for us all not to be there with our kids or grandkids.  For me, I don’t get to McDonalds often as the one in town is so far away from the shopping centre; although my kids go often, I have no reason to be over there so unless I go to Bradford or Leeds I never go to there.  I love their chocolate milkshakes.  I can take or leave their meals but my little side comes out big time over their milkshakes.  My friends just shake their heads and laugh at me as although they don’t know about BDSM or me being a little they just accept it is as me.

Working that cane, as Boss warns me it will hurt.

Working that cane, as Boss warns me it will hurt.

Christmas Day, I have had long term rules in my house the kids can’t wake me up before 8 am; as playing Santa in my house usually meant 3-4 in the morning,  and then they have got to have breakfast; even if it a slice of toast, all before they can open their presents.  The kids opened their pressies and I tend have no rules how they spend the rest of the day until dinner time.  This year the boys were playing on the X-box and B was sitting watching Japanese cartoons on the other PC.  I pottered about getting our Christmas dinner ready, going through to my next door neighbour, who is also a close friend I had little gift for her and her son.  Kids and I sat down to eat our Christmas dinner watching one of our favourite movies Cool Runnings, we watch that often we can nearly quote the whole movie line for line.  It was such a great day as the kids were all happy, no arguments, this made me so happy.

Boss I just need to take this call I will only be a moment

Boss I just need to take this call I will only be a moment

That was the same for next 3 days we just had loads of time being together kids being typical kids squabbling, bickering and gang up on their mum.  I and B tried to gang up on me while play fighting, but I owed them both much to the disgust of them both.  Hey I might be the smallest, but I do know how to keep those two under control.  Their mama owned them both.

On Saturday, Boss came to pick me up in the early afternoon, as I was going to spend a few days at his house.  As usual, I have over-packed as Boss said there could be a couple of photo shoots, also we were also going to a New Year party so that meant 2 bags for clothes, make-up and other general girlie stuff, one bag for a sleeping bag; as we were staying overnight at the party and my handbag.  The reason for the list will be explained later in this post.  I am such a lucky mum as my eldest had agreed to watch his younger siblings, so his mum could have a few days off, he is such a sweetie. With Boss coming to pick me up, I am got to different to see a different view rather than what I would get from travelling down on the train network, plus I have someone really nice to chat the whole journey whoo hoo.

When we arrived at his house, we spent the evening drinking tea and coffee, chatting what would be happening over my time there I  took the time to ask Boss if he would use implements which I hadn’t been spanked with before on me, he agreed.  One reason is I want to see if I was ready for them and also it had been a long time; in spanking terms, since  I had been spanked I wasn’t sure if my previous levels would be as high as it had been previous with Daddy.

Me be good, who are you kidding NEVER!!!!!!!!

Me be good, who are you kidding NEVER!!!!!!!!

Boss asked I would help him sort out the front palour; in the 19th and early 20th century a palour was considered the posh front room and was generally only used for visitors and high day and holidays, and change it’s use into another bedroom, he knew from my previous visit I would be more than happy to help out hehe.  Hey what can I say I like to keep busy, idle hands and all of that.

Sunday was spent sorting out the palour for Boss, it did require him to move a lot of stuff to other areas of his house and for a time I made whole downstairs look worse before it even got to look better.  At one point I was climbing over mountain of stuff waiting to be moved to different locations, but even though I do say so myself I was pretty pleased with the end result.  We spent the rest of the day just pottering about, going on Fet and chatting.

Getting flogged by Boss in  his attic

Getting flogged by Boss in his attic

Monday; New Year’s eve, I had to ask Boss to take to one of the local supermarkets as I needed to pick up some stuff for the party tonight as we were asked to bring something for buffet.  Boss asked me if I would make roast chicken for an early dinner.  So I put the chicken in the oven before we head off to a local supermarket to hunt and gather what I will need to make

  • Tuna & Sweetcorn Pasta 
  • Two types of Cous Cous

The reasons for the choice of what I would take with us is although can be eaten hot, they also can be eaten cold as well and it tastes just as good if not better.

So after we gathered everything we required, we headed back to Boss’s house to start the mega cooking session in his kitchen.  I prepared the potato’s and thinly sliced a couple of carrots to go with our Roast Chicken.  While doing so I boiled up the pasta and mixed up the tuna, sweetcorn and mayonnaise together in a large bowl.  Then boiling up some water for the Cous Cous not easy in Boss’s little kitchen but I managed to do it all but it did mean that Boss couldn’t get in the kitchen at all, not that he was complaining too much hehe.  Had everything prepared by Noon we sat down to enjoy our Roast Chicken

Me & spanking bench how bad can it be?

Me & spanking bench how bad can it be?


After lunch, Boss took me up to the attic where he has his studio for a little photo shoot; I have included a few of my favourites within this blog, before we start to get ready for the party.  I didn’t put my glad rags on as we would have travel for roughly an hour, so I just did my hair and put my make-up on, making sure I had my dress, make-up, jewelry and collar; yes tonight I was attending the party as Boss’s submissive, in my bag.  Additionally, because we would be staying there overnight, we also packed up a mattress, sleeping bags, also the food I had made early and some wine.

I was so nervous as I have only ever been to one event before and like before, the only person I would know there would be Boss.  I get scared that I will muck up, people will not like me or that I totally embarrass myself or worse Boss.

My owie bootie after Boss and the flogger incident.

My owie bootie after Boss and the flogger incident.

The club or dungeon where the party was being held is in Manchester, it was looked lovely and as I discovered later very well equipped. I shouldn’t have worried as I meet some nice people; both Dominates and submissives, I didn’t embarrass myself or Boss and I didn’t muck up.  So overall the night was a good one, both Boss and I had loads of fun.

I asked Boss if I could try out the spanking bench, which he agreed to.  Out came his flogger, he was gently teasing with it; little did I know, silly me asked him “Is flogger’s meant to tickle?” oh my poor booty soon realized he what he had been doing, add in 6 of the best from what I think was his cane.  Just let’s say my booty was owie for a while.  It was not helped by the fact I accidentally hit against an arm of chair later; rubs booty at pain memory, hehe.

Overall I thought it was a really good night, more so when the Mistress who runs the dungeon offered me a personal tour on my next visit and I made what I hope will be a few new kinky friends.

The party finally wound up about 4am and those who were staying over started to settle down.

Me using Boss's camera while CE takes my picture

Me using Boss’s camera while CE takes my picture

New Year’s Day, me and another submissive pottered around the club kitchen making teas and coffee’s for our Dominants, as I knew Boss wouldn’t want to drive without his tea and it wouldn’t be fair to let him do so.  Slight side note, us silly sub’s couldn’t find the milk and we asked Boss nicely to find a garage and buy some for us, bless him he did.  The other sub’s Dominant opened a cupboard and found where the milk was being stored, oops sorry Boss.

After Boss had enough tea and I enough coffee we packed up our stuff and heading back to Boss’s house.  The drive back was lovely as the roads were empty.

When we got back, we had a cuppa and then we decided go and have a nap and hoping that we would warm up a little bit, as I don’t know about Boss I felt chilled to the bone.

Can't see a thing without my glasses

Can’t see a thing without my glasses

After our nap, I made us chicken & bacon sandwiches and we spend the rest of the day relaxing.

Although later on in the evening Boss asked if I would like to meet up with another photographer; EC, for a photo shoot in an abandoned airfield, which I agreed to.  I have been promising EC to model for him for months but circumstances with me has meant I have been unable to follow through and model for him.

I made a stew for Boss in the slow cooker for him to enjoy when he returned from dropping me off, so he wouldn’t have to cook when he got home.

Wednesday, Boss and I get ready to meet CE and I also pack up my stuff as I due to head home today after the shoot. I dress casually, clothes that I know I can get off quickly as I knew CE would like some nude shots; which I am not looking forward to as it is Winter here in the UK so it cold and prone to rain a lot.  Oh well, one must suffer for her art hehe.

When we got to the location we were meet by CE, a lovely gent who I chatted with numerous times through Fetlife; he is a full-time professional photographer and I have admired his work for ages, but meeting up with him in real-life  he was just as nice I thought he would be.  It also helped that Boss knows CE rather well, mind you as I found out to my cost that means they came up with a naughty little plan and they didn’t let me in on it, hmmmm naughty off you boys I must say.

Arise Sir Boss

Arise Sir Boss

We wander around the airfield to find the locations that CE wanted to use for the shoot, it was only when we reached the second the second location that the boys let me in on their naughty idea.

In total we did four locations which took roughly an hour, by the time we were done.  I was freezing, so the boys took pity on me and took me to a local cafe to get some coffee before hypothermia set in.  Sorry, but being an exhibitionist is not as much fun in the winter as it is in the Summer.  I enjoyed the chat between CE, Boss and myself so much, it was right giggle.

We bid goodbye to CE we started to head back to Boss’s house, but half way back Boss experience a rapid puncture.  Luckily there was a lay-by near where the puncture happened as the road was majorly busy and the vars and lorries were driving at the national speed limit; 70 mph,  and with the puncture being on the driver’s front wheel I would have major concerns for Boss’s welfare if it had happened else where.

Me in all my cold glory hehe

Me in all my cold glory hehe

That meant Boss had to use the spare tyre therefore I called up the eldest to ask if he would mind I stayed at Boss’s another night as I didn’t want him drive up and back down without a spare.  The main reason is three quarters of the journey is done on the motorway, but the other quarter is done on single lane country roads and in some places you could stop as you block the whole road and the cell coverage in that area is patchy to say the least.  After I fully explained it all to him he agreed as long as we were up at mine in plently of time for him to catch the train, I assure him we would be there by roughly 10 am depending on the traffic we met.

So, what to do with an extra day!  I decided to hoover up and tidy up the livingroom which was still a bit messy after Sunday and we both hadn’t gotten around to sorting it out, so I made that task for that afternoon.  It didn’t take me that long and as Boss went out to do some errands I set up my laptop in his kitchen and hugged the radiator in an aid to warm up.  Over the last few days, I can’t seem to get warm for some reason 😉 hehe.

Thursday was an early start for us both, as we got up at 6 am; an ungodly hour at the best of times, we woke up slowly with loads of

Nope not getting any warmer here, hurry up guys

Nope not getting any warmer here, hurry up guys

tea and coffee before we set off back to my house at 8 am.  We did encounter some traffic around the major cities, but overall we made good time and apart from stopping off to allow me to a little shopping and another chore we made it to my house when I said we would.

I had as the eldest and his friend P to help us empty Boss’s vehicle of my stuff, which include the four bags that I had taken down, plus a wet vac and an additional three bags as Boss had generously donated a whole of plates and other general household items to my house, I go through a lot of plates and cups in my house in part due to D and his temper but also because the kids and I suffer from different degree’s of dyspraxia; clumsy disease, and plates and cups normally don’t last long in my house it got so bad at one point point  I gave up on china plates and bought a whole load of plastic ones.

Such a tender moment between Boss and I

Such a tender moment between Boss and I

B was in her element sorting out the cupboards putting away all the plates and mugs.  That girl does love to have things organised all of which I use to my advantage and it helps D out as he knows where things are at all times.

I made Boss a cuppa and some breakfast before he set off back to his house.  I thanked him for such a nice time and brilliant visit before he left.

After catching up with all the kids, it was soon time for I to head to the train station, he had asked that I not go down with this time as he didn’t want to see his mum is floods of tears; like I always am when he leaves, what can I say I miss my baby when he goes to his home.

The contrast of each week was huge, week one was complete mummy mode with no kink, where week two was full of kink and no mummy mode.  I enjoyed both weeks for different reasons, but could I live one without the other no chance as I truly enjoy both parts so much I just wish they were joined up a bit more.

I will leave the rest up to your naughty imagination what is happening here. I don't want banned after all.

I will leave the rest up to your naughty imagination what is happening here. I don’t want banned after all.

SIDE NOTE: I have delayed this post for nearly for the following reasons, one was to wait until I received and edited all the pictures which were taken during the week away and I put in this blog entry.

Reason two while I was at Boss’s house, he asked if he could become my Daddy.  Boss is a man of little words and it has taken a number of conversations for us both to understand what is expected from each other within a DD/lg relationship as Boss has never considered himself a Daddy and he identifies himself as a switch.  So I wanted and needed to make sure this is what he wanted and I felt so humble when I was able to accept that Boss would become my Daddy Dom.


So graffiti we found when doing the shoot with CE

I will not change how I address him here, as I have always seen him as a Dominate and I have always addressed him as such within this blog.  Therefore, that will not change, only difference is we will be entering DD/lg relationship.

We have both agreed that we will be taking baby steps in this relationship and finding our own way of doing things and as things develop I hope I will be allowed to keep you all informed as Boss does know about this blog and he has stated that he will follow what I say within it with great interest, although for the moment he has not stated he wants to write or comment on anything so it will still be only me with voice here.

I was not expecting this at all, but I am happy little girl with the developments that have happened over the festive fortnight, this new year has started how I hope it will continue a mixture of vanilla and kink.  Long may it continue.

Trying to warm up

Trying to warm up

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