The Walk

WOW powerful words, girls get that wiggle on




It’s all confidence…pride…self-love

Feel good about yourself

Love yourself

Know that you are beautiful, sexy, and worth everything you damn well want.

Don’t let anyone take that from you

“there’s a way to walk into a room and turn heads, hell anyone can do that, but I love walking down a street taking the breath of everyone I meet, because, well, I can. I get up, I look in the mirror every morning and I say ‘damn you are one fine ass woman,’ and I believe it whether anyone else thinks it or not. I know I’m beautiful. Because I’m me.” …~unknown

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Weekly Writing Challenge: 1,000 Words, Take Two

Photo courtesy of Cheri Lucas.

I have decided to try this challenge, the rules are as following:

We see lots of possibilities in this photo:

  • Who are these people? What’s their relationship?
  • Where are they?
  • Are they saying hello or goodbye? Or something else altogether? Are they just clinging to one another to keep from sliding down the steep cobblestones?
  • Who’s coming/going, and why? Where are they coming from/going to?
  • Are the people behind them waiting for them? Are they happy for the couple, or irritated?

We also think there’s plenty of room here for people who don’t want to wander into the realm of fiction or poetry:

  • When was the last time you had a joyous reunion or difficult departure?
  • How does looking at this couple make you feel?
  • Have you visited or lived in a place that looked like this?
  • Could you use a hug? Why?

As with the last “1,000 Words” challenge, we know you’re going to see things in this photo that would never have occurred to us, no matter how long we stared — and that never would have occurred to the actual people in the photo. We can’t wait to see where you go.

Weekend Getaway

She couldn’t believe it, still can’t, hell she is here spending time with Fyfe she had to literally pinch herself to make sure it was not a dream.  Sarah couldn’t believe it even after the horrible year that she had, not only did she find Fyfe, but also a great job and now they both were on holiday together.

She looking around their hotel room it had a four poster bed, a very comfortable day bed, couple of armchairs with a coffee table in between them and their veranda gave them a view over the city that was just breath-taken.

This holiday; a short break all very last minute, they had fit so much into that time.  It wasn’t what she thought would happen when Fyfe suggest a long weekend away.  Giggling to herself, as she picked up all the sexy underwear she had brought with her carefully putting back in her suitcase.  Picking up her trainers, she shook her head and thought “Who would have thought a weekend away would not only include the desired naughtiness but also a lot sightseeing. God I don’t think neither my trainers nor my feet will forgive me for a long time either.” Grabbing some more clothes placing them into the suitcase, she grinned and thought “I have never walked so far since I was a kid, but it has been so worthwhile.”

Just with that last thought Fyfe appeared at the bathroom door wearing a towel and smile, his skin still glistening from his shower.  “Babe, do you fancy going down the harbour before we catch our plane home?” he asked.

Looking up Sarah let out a small gasp of surprise; bite her lip and asked “Is that harbour at the bottom of that very large hill?”

Fyfe grinned and nodded “Yes that one, but don’t worry there is a tram that can bring us back up.  I know you are legs are tired, but I don’t want to miss seeing what is there, do you mind?”

Sarah grinned and said “No of course I don’t mind, but can let you let me finish packing first please?”

Laughing “Of course you may, I have still got to get dressed any way.” Fyfe said and looking at his towel he grinned and then asked “How long will you need?”

Sarah blushed “About 10-15 minutes, if that is okay?” she replied

As Fyfe turned he said “Sure, that would be great babes” re-entering the bathroom.

All care that Sarah had show with her packing was forgotten, she quickly walked around the room picking up all her bits and pieces that where lying around, returning to her suitcase, she dumped them all in huge pile.  With one last glance around the room to make sure that she hadn’t left anything.  She started to arrange all that she picked up into her suitcase so she could close it. After pushing down on the lid firmly as she zipped it up; she just managed to close it.

Quickly putting on some light make-up and her trainers, checking that her purse, camera and other bit and bobs were in her little back pack.  She let out a deep breath as she realised she was ready.

Fyfe emerged from the bathroom soon afterwards; looking handsome as always, he grinned as he saw Sarah waiting on the edge of the bed patiently “Are you ready?”  He asked

Giving him a shy smile and replying “Yes, are you ready?”

He slipped on his shoes, grabbing his wallet and camera he said “I am now.”  He grabbed the room key, slipping into his pocket with his wallet as he opened the door for Sarah.

Sarah walked slightly ahead of Fyfe, even though he could easily catch her up he took the time to just admire the way she moved it was so erotic and sensual that the sight was causing him to become semi hard, which made his walking slightly harder to do.  It wasn’t until they exited their hotel that he began to walk beside her, taking her delicate hand in his as they began to long descent down to the harbour.

As they both slowly descended to the steps, they stopped and admired the windows of  stores that they passed.  They both admired different displays, talked about what each shop was selling and offering random comments over what they liked or disliked in each window.

About three quarters of the way down, Sarah suddenly stopped and turned Fyfe and looked up to the man she had spent the bestest weekend of her life with and feared this might be end.  Sensing the change in her mood Fyfe looked down at her, kissing her forehead and wrapping his big strong arm around her.  Pulling her in close, he whispered in her ear “This is not the end, but merely the beginning.”  Kissing her nose, he lifted her chin up to she was looking up into his eyes and said “I have grown to care for you a great deal over these past nine months.  I don’t want us to end this for years yet.  Do you understand Sarah?”

With tears glistening in eyes, her low lip wobbling ever so slightly, she slowly nodded and replied “Yes Fyfe I understand.  There are times I worry that you will wake up and realise that I am just not the person you think I am.” She then lowered her gaze and whispered “I care for you a great deal, but I am scared of getting hurt again”

With his finger he lifts her chin and says “I know my sweet, but I am not going anywhere, so get use to us being together.”

Fyfe then kiss Sarah with such passion that they both were wishing that they were in their hotel room again.

(Word Count 969)

Sinful Sunday: Sex & Power

Agreed the sight of a man pound away at you while you are tied there is nothing short off super hot.
I also agree that the desire to get free can be great, but just think of what you would miss out on there Robert.
Your description of your submission is super sexy as always.

Erotica Everywhere

gay sex and power

Muscles, big muscles, muscles with tattoos, muscles that ripple as they flex, muscles that glisten as they ‘pump’.

There is nothing unattractive about a muscular man. Some people like lean and muscular, others like big and muscular, and quite a few like hairy and muscular. But he has to be muscular and confident.

Muscles are equivocal to strength and power: two things that I feel incredibly attracted to. Strength and power lead to confidence and dominance.

Power is sexy.

Taste it, lick it, and bite it, as if it were a thing I could devour.

There are times when I am consumed by a hunger for it.

Power is a thing I must submit to.

The power of submission is an all-consuming obsession.

I no longer have to be in charge or make all the decisions.

To simply be, enjoy his power, see him take control.

Wrists are often bound…

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