New Year (Sexy) Bucket List


I saw this idea yesterday on my WordPress reader by SuggestiveTongue; if you not read her work shame on you, her blog was on off the first ones I followed when I figured out how to use the reader; yeah I can be that dim with technology.

SuggestiveTongue asked this question “What is on your sexy goals for 2013?”

  1. Find a new Dominate who is not only able to enable take me on the journey, enable me to submit how I imagine my submission to be like.
  2. Further my training anally.
  3. Attend some munches, either on my own; totally scary, or with partner or friend(s).
  4. Try nipple clamps
  5. Try butt plug
  6. Purchase some of my own toys
  7. Expand on what I being spanked with.
  8. Expand on being what I have bound with.
  9. Work on reducing my curious list some what, things like wax or ice play.

What would be on your sexy bucket list for the upcoming year?  Come on don’t be shy let us know……

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