Daily Prompt: Hate to Love


My guilty little pleasures

My guilty little pleasures

Tell us about a guilty pleasure that you hate to love.

I am a day late had some unexpected visitor last night.

God, this is hard one to answer as I have many guilty pleasures but is it a love/hate relationship I don’t have so much.  Plus one women’s guilty  pleasure is another women’s normal.

I love watch my TV programs, which many would say is excessive  but I love everyone for different reasons.  Okay the main reason is eye candy {drool} who doesn’t like some fantasy eye-candy.

Nearly all the programs I watch are US based, I use to hate the fact that you couldn’t see them here in the UK for sometimes 18 months after the aired in the US.  It was annoying as a UK resident you couldn’t go on the fan based forums or websites are they were were about 18 months ahead of where the programs was in the UK.  So I will admit I did started to download them all so I could catch up with the forum and see what I was missing out on.  Hey patience was and I doubt ever will be my strongest virtue.

In the last 2 years or so UK program buyers; whoever decides what to buy when, have gotten better they have reduced the waiting down to as little as 2 day after being aired in the US, but some can still take up 6 months.

I will hold my hands up and say because of the differences on this I am still one that downloads the programs so I can watch them the morning or the day after they have aired. I feel guilty all the time about doing so, but applications like iTunes or Netflicks will not allow me to pay for the download as I am outside the US, so what is a girl meant to do as I need my eye candy fix.

So I suppose that is my guilty pleasure I love to hate.  I love to watch my programs so much that I download them, but hate the fact that I do.

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