Daily Prompt: Forever Young

Now let ponder this question…..

I missed yesterday’s Daily Prompt, as I was busy with a shoot; more details in later post, I did like the question asked though.

If there were a real Fountain of Youth, would you drink the water?

If there was really a Fountain of Youth would I drink from it, hmmmm no I wouldn’t.

My body might be hurting a bit more than it was when I was a teenager.  My face has developed little wrinkles.  My hair has developed stress highlights.  Part of my body have started to favour going south.

Saying all of that above, this body has also gave birth to three beautiful children, who have helped with the stress highlights.  My body has been part of my journey through life the good bits, the bad bits and the ugly bits.  There is times where my body has let me down, but I wouldn’t change it back to what I was say 20 years ago.

As there is a reason our bodies age, although we might not always like it.  We have to grow and accept it.

I am still working on the accepting part hehe as I don’t like my body aching from age, now if there is was something that I could take to get rid of that I might consider it.

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Forever Young

  1. I know what you mean!
    I do this a lot, although I compare myself to other girls. (unhealthy I know, but we all do it…right?)
    I always ask myself if I would trade bodies with them?
    Usually the answer is no
    Which I find weird because there are definitely things I wish were different about my body, but it’s also mine.
    There is so much history here.
    I know it so well
    I guess the key is just being happy with what you have and making it as beautiful and healthy as is possible
    thanks for writing this and reminding me of that!

    • You are ever so welcome.

      Don’t get me wrong when I write this post there is parts of my body I don’t wish was different; doesn’t everyone, my hate my stomach.

      Then I remember I got that stomach because I gave birth to three babies. Then I remember my stomach is also that way from my love of chocolate and other yummy treats. Which haven’t been help with me unable to exercise until recently due to injury. So that is what I mean I have to work on the acceptance bit hehe.

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    • That is one thing I did considered when I looked at the question and one of the reasons I have said no to drinking it.

      I might get stressed at times with them and be ready to pull my hair out, but overall I wouldn’t change the fact I had my kids. About a decade or go, I would have changed the fact I had so early in life, but not now.

      My kids are reason I get up every morning; even when I don’t want to, they are the reason I moved to a place where I have no family, they are reason I continue to live here. They have giving me much more days of laughter, hugs, kisses, joy and hope than they ever have given me off stress. I wouldn’t change that for all the money in the world EVER.

  3. Like you, my belly has stretched from the birth of three now grown children. I’m pretty cool with that and I am certainly NOT in the shape I was during my youth. I’m cool with that too. What I wish I could be cool about is that designers, advertisers and the media is just so youth obsessed! They need to become wiser! Nice post!

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