Daily Prompt: Plead the Fifth


Gift giving

What question do you hate to be asked? Why?

There is one question that is always have me stuttering and sweating that is “What do you need?”  For anyone who has known me for any left of time will know that I don’t put my needs up there up there with anyone else in my life I never have and never will.  So when people ask that question I suddenly feel really uncomfortable.  I have always been the same even as a kid.

This time off year is when I am asked the question the most.  It drives me so crazy, I know it also winds up the person who is asking the question also.

When looking for get gift for someone else I never ask the person who the gift is for, as I generally have a good idea what their like and dislikes are, what their hobbies are and what interests are.

That is why I will never answer that question when asked, if I took enough trouble to learn your likes and dislikes, then why can’t the other person.  You have just discovered another pet peeve of mine <giggle> oops.

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