Kinky Carols…D/s Wonderland….

Love it….


Ds Wonderland

By Cryptic

Whips n chains hear them jingle,
Feel the pain and the tingle
A beautiful sight,
I tied you up tight.
Living in a D/s Wonderland.

Gone away is vanilla,
Here to stay is a Thrill uh.
I cut off your thong,
As we go along,
Living in a D/s wonderland.

In the basement we can build an X frame,
Then strap you on it upside down

I’ll say: Are you ready?
You’ll say: No man,
But I can do what I feel
When you’re tied down.

Later on, take you higher,
With some ice and some fire
The faces you made,
As we both got laid,
Living in a D/s Wonderland

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