My Motivations To Do The Housework

Fog/low cloud cover for the last two days.

Fog/low cloud cover for the last two days.

Come on guys if you are honest with yourself, doing housework/chores is never the top of anyone’s to do list we tend avoid, put off or get distracted by other matters from doing it.  It is a necessary evil and more so when you have kids.  I spoke the other day that one off my motivations for getting the housework done was a hot cup of coffee; a rare thing for me.

I don’t mean the bog standard coffee I have in the storage jar, I am talking about  Nescafe Azera which I currently drinking, but I also enjoy Douwe Edgerts flavoured range, in particular caramel.

One other thing I use to get me through the housework is my walk.  Even though the weather is getting colder and I truly don’t want to go some days.  I do like my walk, it is my only form of exercise currently; although plans to add in more in the New Year, it is my way of getting my thoughts in order and therefore it is also my form of mediation.  Maybe not what most people would automatically think of mediation, for me it works.

Although had access to plenty coffee this week. Although, everyone in my household including myself have been sick this week, that means I haven’t went on my walk all this week because I have been looking after the kids.

Today, I thought I was able to go on my walk as I thought all the kids would be at school.  Silly me, student transport decided not run any services today because of the weather conditions.  So I got my son at home today JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2012-12-14 09.40.56

Okay you know it is bad when you can’t see the flats across the road….

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