Things I am Thankful For…

Holly with A dusting of snowfall on it

Holly with A dusting of snowfall on it

This is a post about things I am thankful for… they are listed in any particular order, they are just a list of things that this week I am thankful for.

Here in the UK there snow has began to fall, LOL I wouldn’t get too excited is only measure here in millimeters rather than in a larger amount like other countries.  But somehow no matter how small our snowfall is the UK is brought to a standstill, flights are cancelled, roads are closed and our public transport is severely affected.  I joke you not reader, this is the truth.

The Dales bathed in Winter sunshine with their coating of snow... heaven

The Dales bathed in Winter sunshine with their coating of snow… heaven

Okay I do live close the Yorkshire Dales National Park so  it is high elevation and I do live near to the top off a rather steep hill, which when the snow truly hits then even farmer’s 4×4 Land Rovers struggle to get up.  The last time, we [UK] got proper amount of snow you could not drive on my street for 4 weeks until the gritters FINALLY came around by that time it was like an ice rink.  Even though that was annoying to say the least, I am thankful for living where I am as I can walk 10 minutes from my house and be in James Herriot; author of All Creatures Great & Small, which was made into a TV show in 1969 and was my reference to what Yorkshire looked like before moving here.  Although, I do know that other programs were filmed in the area also Heartbeat, Emmerdale, Last of the Summer Wine, The Royal to name just a few.  I do love the fact although Yorkshire does get a lot of traffic I can walk for a half hour or so and be in a place where I might not meet anyone else.

My Little Church bathed in winter sunshine and light dusting of snow

My Little Church bathed in winter sunshine and light dusting of snow

I get to walk to places like my little church; not its real name, every day if I choose to.  For nearly the last year, this little church has been a goal of mine to walk to since I tore my calf muscle last February.  When I first started trying to walk to it in March of this year, it took me nearly an hour to hobble all the way there and another hour to hobble all the way back.  This little church is only 0.6 miles (0.97 km) from my house, but when I first started to walk there it felt like 100 miles (161 km) as it was only two weeks after tearing the calf muscle and I still require two crutches, just to walk.

By mid April I had lost the crutches, but they had been replaced by a walking stick.  I was really walking a was more shuffling along slowly.  Although, I had gotten the time down to 45 minutes one way.

Fast forward to June, I was lost the walking stick; sort off, and was now able to walk to the church in roughly 18 minutes one way, 4 minutes longer than what Google maps say it should take walking it.

Little bit of heaven in this Photo the view you get from behind my little church.

Little bit of heaven in this Photo the view you get from behind my little church.

Now in December, the draw of walking to my little church is waning slightly not because I couldn’t walk that far, it is just so cold, wet and windy hehe.  So in last two months, I added taking pictures to my walking routine. Just so I would continue walking even though it was the last thing I truly wanted to.

So I am thankful for my camera, as I get to take amazing shots like ones above and some of the others I will include in this post.  I am thankful, that I don’t require the operations that the doctors thought I might need with this last injury.

I am thankful to separated, as I am no longer in a marriage that both parties were not happy in.  I am no longer just existing, but now actually living.  I am no longer heading towards a major depressive episode, but for the first time in a long time I am truly happy.  The kids seem or appear to be a lot happier overall about how things are at the moment.  My house although not perfect, it is a lot cleaner and it is easier to maintain.  I no longer have to walk on eggshells in hope of trying to keep the ex happy.  I can wake up and start my day knowing that kids are only one I have to try and keep happy, which is not always easy but my home seems to be a happy one, which I has been missing for a very long time.

Bailey meant to be going from a evening bathroom walk, but she decided to run about instead.

Bailey meant to be going from a evening bathroom walk, but she decided to run about instead.

I am thankful at the moment I don’t have any carpets as my floors are lot easier to keep clean because I brush and mop them.  With two kids and our dog; Bailey, which track mud in and out of our home through out the day.  I have also found the thought of having a good cup of coffee is a great motivator to get the floor brushed and mopped.

I am thankful for my friends; virtual & real-life, who have been there for me through the separation, Daddy and I splitting up and couple personal issues that I have had over the last 6 months.  You are all great and even though I might not say it say at the time I love all off you and I am grateful for your words of support have always be here for each of you if you need a friend, some support or just someone to chat with.

Latest one which Boss did for me, when he popped in for a coffee.

Latest one which Boss did for me, when he popped in for a coffee.

I am additionally thankful that I have friends who are photographers, who have given words of encouragement, advice and taken some great photos of me over the past year, some of which have been included in earlier posts in the blog and there is ones which I have waiting for an aired.  They make this little girl not only look good,  but fill her with self confidence and a belief in myself which have been lacking for a very long time.  There is plans for more shots coming up, so watch this space folks.

I am thankful for this blog, as it is one place throughout all off this I have allowed myself to be truly me.  Although, slowly I allow the true me out in other places also, but it doesn’t mean I will drop this blog anytime soon.  As my “normal” life is not truly ready for all my kink.  I am not ready for raise my kink flag that high for the moment either.

Branches of a bush with a light dusting of snow

Branches of a bush with a light dusting of snow

I am thankful for my children.  For the first time in 5 years I will have all three of them here in my home for Christmas and although it will be stressful this mama can’t wait to have all her babies back together again.  LOL they would kill me if the read that last statement as they are all grown up and would be mortified of me talking about them like they are still very small children, but in my eyes they will always be babies doesn’t matter that they are all close being 6 ft tall, that they are becoming more and more interdependent with each passing day or the fact that my boys could make me grandmother any time they wish; NO I am too young thank you.  Plus all my kids know I want them in a stable relationship before they even consider having babies.  Even though I have tried to keep this lifestyle from them, they are slowly figuring it out what their mum is into and rather than be shocked they appear to be embracing it.  D has decided suddenly to stop saying “Thank you” but instead says “Spank you” which I find so sweet and just giggle at him.  My daughter; B, has even taken some pictures of me as well, although it is similar to the picture that Boss took off me and will not include it here.  We are both bonded over me discovering my inner “girl”, so loads of chats about shoes, clothes and make-up.  Add in a couple of B’s girlfriends and my front room can become full of squeals and giggles.

One of B's art projects for school.

One of B’s art projects for school.

Heck, a few weeks back the girls were in the front room and they were talking about some park or other and S happened to mention swings, that was it the little in me came to the surface and had them all in giggles and B hiding her face in her hands telling S “Why did you have to mention the swings, she [me] will just want us to take her.”  Then S brought out colouring book and pens well just lets say the my little came out BIG time much to the amusement of the girls, all four off us on the floor with the pens in the centre off us all, all off us with a page each colouring in pages from the book hehe what a great couple of hours fun we had.  Add in Strictly Come Dancing; UK version, is on here Saturday and Sunday in the UK well just lets say between 6-8 pm girls rule this house hehe it has poor D runs up the stairs screaming for mercy.

Only one who doesn’t really know what is truly going on is my eldest; I, he lives in Scotland up near the rest of my extended family so he has missed all off the last year.  But I does know how unhappy I have been while being married E for a long time.  I am not sure what he will think off the little bit of kink that the other two have discovered so far.  It will be a case of waiting and seeing I suppose.

Ducks enjoying the sunshine

Ducks enjoying the sunshine

As to the extended family, I am not actually sure if they all know I am separated or not considering my little sister; L, only asked about it in September.  Although, saying that L skills at spreading gossip all should know by now <giggle>.  It saves me taking a full page ad in the local paper up there; which I wouldn’t, as the people; family or friends, that I wanted to know what was happening were told personally by me, as to the rest they can all figure it out on their own.  Sorry, that seems cruel or harsh, but I learned a long time ago that I have to rely on me, my skills and know-how to survive rather relying on help & support from my family; extended or otherwise.  I have tried many times to change my relationship with them but they have chosen to ignore my efforts.  So now I consider close friends to be my family I surround myself with rather than blood family now.

Lastly, I am thankful for all you my readers, without you I would be talking to myself. I am use to that in my house hehe.  At the moment there is no kink I am just thankful that you are still returning reading my posts and some off you are even leaving comments thank you guys I really appreciate it.

I hope you have a fun and naughty weekend guys ;-).

2 thoughts on “Things I am Thankful For…

  1. I love this post Foxy. You do have a lot to be thankful for. Wishing you lots of love and happiness for you and your family my friend. Keep is cold here in West Yorks! Xx

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