Five Things I Find Attractive

Collar and Leash

Collar and Leash

I originally spotted this on Normal DeviationsDealbreakers although he picked the idea up at Come Up and See Me Sometime Part 1 & Part 2 I just love the name of the blog so much.  With my lack activity I thought I would borrow their idea and come up with my own list.

Intelligence & Ability to Hold A Conversation

This is guy is seen as society "ideal"

This is guy is seen as society “ideal” in a man

As much as admire the male body, if you don’t have intelligence between your ears then doesn’t matter how sexy your body is, I will walk away. I have dated guys in the past with what society considers to be the “ideal male” body but they had no intelligence and couldn’t hold a conversation, those relationships were very short lived.

Sense of Humour

I don’t mean a full time comedian; that would to tiring, what I meant the ability to laugh as I don’t take myself too seriously even during “play session(s)” I am well known for my dirty mind, wicked sense of humour and the ability to laugh at most inappropriate times.  I don’t take life to serious the number of pictures which I had taken where I am sticking my tongue out should give a big enough hint about how serious I take life.

Cheeky Grin

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams

I love a gent with a cheeky grin, a grin that spreads all over there face and their eyes.  If you have dimples when smile even better.  The singer that best shows what a cheeky grin looks like to me and Mr Robbie William[picture left] to me he has the most cheeky grin that I have ever had the good fortune to look at <drool>, his singing and his body not bad either <looks for a bib>.

Grabbable Booty

Boys if you have a bony or skinny butt then you are not for me as I love butt I can grab a hold off whether they are wearing or even better without ;-).

A grabbale butt

A grabbale butt


To me all off the above is nothing without a great personality, that is what will get my interest quicker than looks, great body, which car or bike you do or don’t drive or how big your bank account is or isn’t; as to me truly it is NOT important, it is what will hold my interest as we get to know you better.

As what Normal Deviation has done I am going to list some deal-breaker; things that the other person has would be automatic but polite “No, thank you” from me.

Being Married/Involved

If you are married, engaged or got someone in your life and expect me to be “other woman” then keep walking as I am not interested.

Don’t spin me lines like “She doesn’t understand me” or “We have an agreement”, I have been married to man who couldn’t or wouldn’t meet my needs.  Yes, I did have an affair with ex-Sir, we were open about it with each.

Okay we were not open with our own partners, that fact holds to my own sensibilities and personal set of ethics.  I am not proud that I cheated on E, but it opened my eyes to what I truly wanted and gave me the courage to tell E our marriage was over and to start looking for someone who would better met my needs.

Not Being Truthful

Okay, I have just admitted I have lied in the above comment, it is one time I have ever told a lie it eat into my consciousness, made me so guilty and caused me so many sleepless nights during my affair with ex-Sir.  Ex-Sir suffered from some major health problems during our affair, so although our needs were met it wasn’t ideal for either off us long term and we both knew it would last.

Being part of BDSM you can’t lie it is an instant deal-breaker for both Dominants or submissives.  If you can’t be truthful about needs, wants or desires then you can’t be trusted and therefore no Dominant or submissive would enter a relationship with you.

So I left my husband, we are currently separated and we are going get divorced as in my eyes our marriage has no future and hasn’t been working for years.  I am now much happier since I told E how I felt.

The relationship with ex-Sir and Daddy has shown me how complete my life could be like when I submit to another, how complete I felt.

One day I hope to feel that way again, but it will be someone is truthful.

Sexual Compatibility

This is biggest deal-breaker for me, I am submissive I enjoy and want to be a submissive within any future relationship I have therefore I am seeking a Dominate male.  I have had enough of vanilla relationships, as I am always left feeling there is something is missing.  I personally don’t feel complete or whole in that type of relationship.  That is one thing the relationships with ex-Sir and Daddy have shown me what type of relationship I want, desire and want.

Yes some off the vanilla relationships have had; including my marriage, has included little bits of what I desire from any future relationship but I want it to all inclusive and just little bits here or there I will not settle for any less.

It will have to very great Dominate who I decided to get involved with.

Dominant who is good with kids

I didn’t think to include this as until I read Vile’s post today; Submissive with children, made me think about what if any Dominant I met or was interested in would the fact I have children be an issue.  If he said “Yes” then I would have to walk away as even though my children are growing up fast, my eldest is nearly 22 so the chances are I will be a grandmother sooner rather than later.  So I would want a Dominate that would understand this.

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