What Makes A Man Sexy?

Well for me personally it is all of this and his personality that makes him sexy in my eyes and heart.


Men ask me: What do I find sexy in a man?

The sexiest thing about a man, by far, is his mind.

I’ve always felt this way.

A man who is intelligent, inquisitive, clever, or passionate turns me on.

A man with charisma, a man who is genuine.

Often a man who isn’t fully aware of how amazing he is.

A man who can be serious, a man who makes me laugh, and who adores my mind as well.

I’ve dated men who were both extremely good looking and men who you would not give a second glance. Their looks were of little importance to me in comparison to their minds. A man who fascinates me, a man who intrigues or inspires my own mind. That is sexy as hell.

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