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This looks the perfect picture to cover this erotic tale

I Just found this on another site Daddyward & BabyElla, orginally done over five parts

“Trust me there is nothing that you can experience that will prepare you for the world you are about to enter. It is hidden in bedrooms around the world over. You are not the first, and at the rate this is going as far as popularity goes, you sure as hell won’t be the last.”

With my hands shoved deep into the pockets of my black and grey pinstriped slacks, I nod once in Carlisle’s direction and wait to see what it is that my best friend has in store for me this evening.

Walking around to the front of the building, I can see that it looks to be somewhat new. The architecture is simple, yet elegant. It gives off a castle like feel, and I wonder who did such an amazing job on the stonework. The foliage around the building is adorned with small white lights, reminding me of Christmas as they twist around the potted trees.

I take notice first off that there is no sign on the building that is in a more remote commercial location in this part of town.

“Good evening, Mr. Cullen.” a tall handsome fellow with cheeky dimples greets us at the door standing behind a crowd control rope.

“Good evening Emmett, Mr. Masen here is my guest this evening. I put him on the list earlier this afternoon.”

The bouncer then scans a clipboard and looks up with a brilliant smile, then winks after he speaks to me.

“Welcome to Daddy’s Playground, if I can get you anything, don’t hesitate to ask Mr. Masen.”

He lifts the rope and I nod following closely behind Carlisle into the long corridor. The walls are covered in crushed red velvet and they barely lit pathway curves around until we are met with a large curtain.
Carlisle reaches out and throws it back and I duck under it as I step in and glance around the vast room.

I am certain that my eyes are surely deceiving me when I see a girl who looks to be barely of legal age dancing around a stripper pole on a stage. I gape at her movements and then I realize it isn’t that she is young as I had first thought. What I mean really is that she isn’t as young as she appears. It is the pacifier she is sucking on, the pigtails in her hair and the short ruffled dress that has you believing she is far younger than her eyes clearly show.

“Carlisle what have you gotten me into?” I stare wide-eyed and take in that there are more than a few of these girls roaming around this club with men of all ages sitting around talking, mingling with the girls that are here.

“It’s called age play Edward. Welcome to my dirty little secret.”

All I can do is stand here with my mouth hanging open.

“I thought you might like to see what I do when I am not working.” he smirks and heads for the bar. I stay close behind my friend and watch fascinated but very much confused by the sights in front of me.

“And what may I ask had you thinking that I would want to see such a place?” I ask.

He ignores my question, ordering us two drinks, then sits down to wait for them. I slide onto the stool next to him.

“You sort of gave off a vibe so to speak. I saw your interest to one of the nurses at my office this last week when you had dropped by to go to lunch. The one with the dark long pony tails. Surely you remember ogling her.” He chuckles and pays for the drinks.

“She was a grown woman.” I state defensively.

“Who has a loving Daddy to take care of her.” he grins.

“Daddy?” I pose it as a question, feeling my brow lift on one side. I leave the question hanging in the air between us.

“Don’t pretend you have no idea what I am talking about.” There is a gleam in his eye and sadly, I truly have not a clue as to what he is talking about.

At that moment a delightful little blonde dressed more like a slut than a child comes prancing up and coos out Carlisle’s name adding Daddy in front of it.

“Daddy Carlisle….I have missed you so much!” she all but crawls in his lap and Carlisle laughs, hoisting her up to sit sideways while her arm wraps around him and she rests her head on his shoulder, just as a child would.

“I have missed you too little one. Allow me to introduce a dear friend. This here is Edward, Edward is my coworker and good friend, Edward this here is little Mc Kenna.”

“Hi.” she waves at me in a childish manner.

“Hello.” I strain to smile at the strange behavior and find it a little odd that my curiosity is peaked.

“Relax Edward. It surely isn’t that much of a surprise to you now is it?” Carlisle asks and I worry what else I may be in for this evening.

“Maybe a little.” I try to play it off not wanting to look like a fool.

Over the course of the next hour, I observe and witness childlike behavior with father figures around the young girls who play their parts to be punished, coddled and have the men lave attention to their needs.

Carlisle all but disappeared moments after taking McKenna by the hand offering to go play house with her.

I nurse my scotch and try to relax as the night wears on sitting off to the side at the end of the bar to remain an outside observer.

I am stunned when one gentlemen turns a girl over his knee and proceeds to spank her. She feigns tears and I am left confused having found that scene somewhat exciting.

Then the sweetest angelic voice hits my ear and I turn in my seat to stare right into the most expressive wide brown eyes that would give Bambi a run for its money.

I watch them blink once, then twice and my eyes move down the long spiraling tendrils of her curled chocolate locks, that twirl and spin in different directions. The crown of her head is adorned in a halo of pink silk roses and long silk ribbons that barely kiss a pale shoulder on each side.

“Hello…is this seat taken?”

I shake my head no, unable to form a cohesive sentence with the beautiful girl that slides up on the stool next to me. I get a peak of white thigh highs held up by a satin ribbon covered garter. She is dressed like something right out of a Victorian magazine. The innocent look she exudes brings out the lightest of pink hues in her somewhat modest outfit. The corset laced up the front ties off with a wide satin cream bow. My eyes fall again when her second leg lifts to take her seat, and I am again given a view of white silken nylons that only come mid thigh. It has me standing at full attention and I shift in my seat to hide my obvious erection.

The pink and white high heels top off the outfit and I am for the first time silenced by beauty so magnificent, I couldn’t speak if I dared to try.

She flashes me the most bashful smile and her eyes peruse up and down my body before her pink little tongue comes out to wet her luscious little lips. Her cheeks are rosy and her pale flesh is perfection and flawless.

“I find it difficult to believe you are sitting here all alone.”

All I can do is stare at her like an idiot as her voice rings through my head.

“I am sorry. I didn’t mean to intrude on your space.” she starts to get up and my hand darts out to hers and I find words to speak, but they aren’t what I would have preferred to of said. I just blurt out the first thing.

“Uh, well I came with a friend. Please, don’t mind my rudeness. You are welcome to have the seat, he is off somewhere else at the moment.”

“First time?” she tilts her head and I let my eyes roam down to the barest hint of cleavage. She is tiny in form.

Certainly not a day over twenty-one but not eighteen either.

“Yes it is.” I reach for my drink and take one long swallow in desperate need to relax, set the empty glass back down, and wave the bartender over.

“Whatever she would like and another for myself.” I push the glass towards him.

“That isn’t necessary.” she bats her ridiculously long lashes at me and there is a strange sensation that fills my heart. I smile.

“Just being a gentlemen young lady, I was brought up properly on how to treat a lady who graces me with her presence.”

A smile widens on her lips. Her hand shoots out towards me and she says, “I am Isabella, but I prefer Bella.” she says after she whispers her order toward the bartender.

I take her hand and turn it to press my lips to it.

I just want one taste.

“Hello Bella, Name is Edward. I prefer Edward.” I press my lips softly to the softest skin I have ever felt.

“Not Daddy?” she asks looking up at me oh so innocently.

I swallow thickly at the way it rolls off her tongue. I feel myself harden right here in front of her and I cannot believe her saying that aroused the fuck out of me.

“First time remember.” I remind her while I cannot take my eyes off her.

“Oh, yeah, right. I am sorry.” a flush moves under her the transparent skin of her cheeks. It makes her even more stunning as if it were possible.

“No harm, no foul.” I smile.

“So what do you do Edward?”

“I am a doctor.”

“Hmm…specialty?” she sips a pink fizzy drink that is set in front of her. I take notice of her perfectly French manicured nails and watch her lips wrap around the thin straw.

I fight back the urge to groan out at witnessing her suck in the pink beverage.

“My specialty is plastic surgery, my field tends to lean towards the corrective side, those that have been in an accident that has maimed them in one way or another. I don’t really focus on the ‘making the world prettier one face at a time’ side of the field.”

“Wow, that’s interesting, you could make a ton of money doing implants alone.” she smiles this million dollar smile that has my insides turning to mush.

I have no idea what the fuck is happening to me.

“I am not in it for the money. I want to right a wrong, there is no greater pleasure than that.” I explain.

She nods.

“What do you do?” I finally manage to get out and she smiles looking away.

“I go to school. Still trying to find my place in the world. I am in search of the one that will take care of me. I won’t give up until I find him.” she glances at me sideways and her eyes dance when they are met with mine.

I lean forward on my elbows and lean a little closer to her. “Looking for Daddy I take it?” I ask surprising myself that I can even say such a thing let alone to a girl as beautiful as she is.

“Definitely looking for the perfect Daddy.” her small bashful smile leaves me breathless.

“Please don’t mind me saying this, but you are without a doubt something of a myth. You look as if you stepped off the cover of an old Victorian magazine. Almost doll like Isabella. You are a sight to behold.”

“Thank you.” she whispers and something comes over me. I have no idea where it comes from and I can only assume it is that she is the one that brings it out of me.

I reach out and lift her chin with my finger making her look at me. “No thanks needed little one.”

She sighs and nibbles on her lip. Its endearing.

“Well, what do we have here?” Carlisle interrupts us and claps me on the back. I feel very possessive all of a sudden and decide to introduce her while dominating the scene.

“Carlisle, this here is Bella. Bella this is my good friend Carlisle.”

“Pleasure.” he bows his head and reaches for her hand. A pang of jealousy rips through me.

He gives it a slight shake and smiles over at me. “Well Masen, I hope you don’t mind, McKenna has had too much to drink and I am going to take her home and tuck her in. You can manage without me.”

Relief floods through me.

“No problem.” I smile.

“You two have fun. She is adorable Edward, don’t be bashful. Show her a good time.” he winks and turns to leave.

“He is nice.”

“Yeah.” I agree looking her up and down and wondering if there is the slightest possibliity that I can slip her in my pocket and take her home with me.

“You are nervous.” she smiles studying me and I notice her voice once again.


I lick my lips and chuckle. “Intrigued, slightly confused, deeply curious maybe. Nervous…I don’t have anything to be nervous about.” I take a drink, set my glass down and wink at her.

Her eyes look down bashfully and once again I grow a little harder.

“I take it you were surprised when you came in here?” she asks quietly.

“You could say that.” I nod my head up and down, slowly spinning my glass that is once again empty. I decide to stop and opt out at having another.

“My friend said something about age play, I take it that is some sort of fetish?”

“For some it is a fetish.”

“But not for you?” I quirk my brow up taking in her appearance.

“A fetish is an object believed to have supernatural powers, or in particular, a man-made object that has power over others. A fetish is also something or a situation that one needs to become aroused sexually. I don’t require anything to be aroused sexually. My libido is very healthy.”

I cannot help but grin at her revelation.

“Age play for me is something I need personally. My father was absent during my childhood and a my therapist seems to think that I am channeling my daddy issues with my choice. The thing is, I think she is an overpaid bartender like Manny over there.” she nods in the bartender’s direction.

“I will be honest with you Edward, I have been actively seeking out my Daddy for the last six months. I go home every night unsatisfied by the few that I have observed from this club because I simply don’t feel any connection to any of them, let alone comfortable to be who it is I am. Then comes the trust. I know trust has to be earned, but I think everyone comes with their own sets of values and rest assured there are a lot of deviants in this room with us. Would it be wise for me to trust any of them?”

“That leaves me feeling concerned.” I gaze at her.

“I watched you come in here. I knew right away that you had no idea what you were walking into, but I saw just a hint of gleam in your eye when Garrett spanked Chelsea.”

“Observant little one aren’t you?” I murmur slightly embarrassed.

“I have to be. I have to know exactly what kind of person I will be giving up control over my life when I do find the one.”

“The one?”

“The one I ask to be my Daddy.” she smiles bashfully, then asks, “Can I ask you something personal?”

I am intrigued. “You can ask me anything.”

“Bear with me here…this is sort of a test.” she slides off her stool, walks around it and looks at me innocently as if she is asking permission for something. I watch her as she brings her hand to her mouth and cups it as she moves towards my ear to tell me some really big secret.

“If you were fucking me and I cried out for it harder screaming Daddy, how does that make you feel?”

She pulls away, but I refuse to let her and slide my hand around her tiny waist capturing her and pulling her back into my body firmly holding her to me.

Her little gasp smells sweet as the scent of her fruity drink tickles my nose. There is another scent though. A scent that is familiar. A scent you would only recognize if there was an infant in the room.

Baby powder, lotion, and baby shampoo.

My mouth waters and I have no time to think about let alone process why I am reacting to it. I just know that I am. My hand comes up to grip her chin between my finger and my thumb, forcing her eyes to look up at me.

I am rewarded with the most alluring innocent of looks and long luscious lashes fluttering at the feel of being so close to her.

My lips want to devour her but I don’t dare.

Not yet anyway.

“I think we need to conduct an experiment. Tell me sweet one, would you be willing to trust me? Just remember, I have no idea what I am doing but if my curiosity is any indication of what makes this seem exciting, then I would feel honored to be given the opportunity to try. We can discuss this more privately. I would like to invite you to dinner Isabella, what do you say sweet one?”

Her eyes light up and I can’t contain the feeling growing in my gut.

My adrenalin is pumping through my veins and her scent is driving me madly insane, until she mumbles just under her breath, “Yes, Daddy.”

I know without a doubt that hearing her say that has to be without a doubt the most sexy, erotic, thing that leaves me feeling strong and powerful.

I know I am going to have to research this a little further but I want more than anything to see where this goes.

“I know I should let you go, but you fit perfectly right here.” I smile down at her, but gradually lighten my grip. She takes the opportunity and steps back and I watch her fingers play with the edge of her skirt.

“How about Friday night at eight.” I pull out my card, jot down my address and cell phone number and hand it to her.

She takes it smiling and I stand up and ask her, “Can I walk you to your car?”

“That would be great.” she steps aside to grab her purse and when we turn to head out, she slips her hand in mine, giving me a hint.

I lift her hand up and kiss the back of it and lead her outside.

Taking her keys out, I reach for them and open her door and handing them back.

“You be careful and drive safe.” I lean towards her and kiss her forehead. She sighs.

“Goodnight Edward.”

“Goodnight Isabella.”

I can’t seem to get home fast enough so that I can go online and research all I can about what I may be in for.

Within an hours time, I have read and observed a video of a daddy dominant taking care of what he calls his little.

Bella is definitely little.



I have no choice other than to stroke myself in the shower after such an arousing night in her presence. My mind is already conjuring up ways that I can show her I am seriously interested in this new found discovery. I truly hope I don’t let her down.

I stand in the ER in front of the x-ray light and slide the film up to review.

I frown when I realize the extent of damage that is done to the victim that lies in room 3.

It has been a long week and after a very informative lunch this afternoon with Carlisle, I was looking forward to my night with Isabella. That was until I received an emergency page that there had been a trauma case flown in that needed my attention.

I glance at my watch and know that this is going to take a while. I just hope for the best and go scrub in for surgery and hope with all hope that the damage is easily repairable.

I wished I had gotten her number. I would have asked her to stop and pick a few things up since I got called in, but seeing as I don’t have it, I will just have to worry about it when the time comes.

After four grueling hours in surgery trying to repair damage to a shattered jaw and repair nerves to the victims face while skillfully stitching up facial lacerations that I am confident with the stitching I used that it will not leave too obvious of a scar. I clean and head to the store with a little time to spare.

Once I have everything on the stove, the table set and open a bottle of wine to allow it to breathe, I make my way into my bedroom to shower and change into something more comfortable.

I move around the living room lighting candles and setting the lights down low. I adjust the blinds by pulling them back to reveal the city lights over West Los Angeles.

I check my watch and take notice it is nearing eight, but before I look away, my buzzer rings and I walk over to the intercom and press it.

“Yes Charlie?”

“Dr. Masen, there is a Miss Swan here to see you, shall I escort her up?”

“Please Charlie and thank you.”

I walk over to the door, pull it open, and watch the numbers on the elevator light up and my anticipation is building at seeing her once again. I have been looking forward to this all week.

When the doors open, Charlie steps out and she steps out smiling at him, thanking him for escorting her.

The moment our eyes meet, we both smile and I can see that she is just as excited to see me as I am to see her.

It is one of those nights when the Santa Ana winds, surround the great basin, so it is no wonder my eyes fall to what little she is wearing as she walks towards me, and my God does she take my breath away.

Her brown tousled locks move with her and I reach out, take her hand, and greet her.

“Hello Isabella, come on in.”


I close the door behind her and she stands here looking around my place squeezing my hand.

“Make yourself at home. Would you like something to drink?”

“Certainly and you have a beautiful home Edward.”

“Well thanks.” I bring her hand up, kiss the back of it, and drop it heading for the kitchen. I pour us both a glass of wine and walk back out to find her standing there in front of my window that over looks the city. I let my eyes take in the very innocent looking outfit she has on. I think I may know why she chose this style as she has her reasons, but to the average person, it just looks like an average sun dress and no one would think otherwise.

Bella’s legs are gorgeous and I get a good look at the little round ass she has. The light coming from the deck outside makes the dress seem almost transparent and she has a gorgeous body by the looks of the outline underneath.

I walk up and reach around her to hand her the glass, then walk over to the couch and settle down in it.

“Dinner will be ready in about another twenty minutes.”

“It smells great.” she walks over and sits down right next to me and looks up as she swirls her glass, then takes a sip.


I smile.

“So tell me how was your week?” I ask.

“Took two of my finals. I am ready to be out for the summer.”

I nod.

“How about you, busy?”

“I had a trauma case today. It was twenty two-year old that got into a vehicle accident. Her face was pretty badly damaged, spent some time in surgery I just hope she recovers completely.”

“It must be hard seeing that.”

“You learn to cope; it also helps to know that what you are doing is everything you can to make it better.” I smile.

“So Isabella Swan tell me about you.”  I ask setting down my glass and turn to face her.

“There isn’t much to tell.”

“I know you mentioned your father’s absence in your life, so was it just you and your mother?”

“Pretty much yeah, when I was about fourteen she remarried my stepfather and they are still together. I moved out when I started UCLA at eighteen. Phil is a coach for the major leagues. He insisted that I attend a decent college, even though I had no idea what I wanted to study. He pays for my tuition and says by the time I decide it will probably be time to graduate.”

We both laughed at that.

“How old are you?” I ask.

“21 and you?”


“I am surprised someone hasn’t snagged you by now.”  She teases but she is suddenly overcome by her shyness. It is startling. She didn’t seem shy before.

I smile at her and explain my situation. “Going through med-school kept me pretty occupied. Dated a few girls, but it was never serious enough that I wanted to settle down with them. I was too focused on my education.”

“Is that how you met Carlisle?”

“Yeah. He is my mentor. He has helped me through all the toughest parts of my residency.”

“And your parents?”

“Deceased. They were killed in an auto accident.”

“Oh I am sorry.”

“Don’t be. You couldn’t have done anything.”

“Was it recent?”

“No. I was seventeen. I went to live with my older brother Jasper and his wife Alice.”

“Do they live in the area?”

“No. They live in New York. Alice teaches design and Jasper works for a museum. Is your family close?”

“Yeah. They live in the Palisades.” She replies.

“Ah.” I nod just as the timer on the oven dings. I excuse myself to go check on dinner.

Once I pull the hens out of the oven, I see her make an appearance in the kitchen. “Is there anything I can help with?”

“Nope. It is pretty much done, however if you want to grab our glasses and bring them in to the table that would be great.”

“I cannot believe you cook. When did you find time to learn that?” she smiles as I place our plates down on the table, while she sets the glasses down.

“It started after I lost my parents. Jasper and Alice weren’t home much so I had to fend for myself. Food Network is very helpful.”  I pull her chair out and she sits down.

I make my way around and sit down reaching for the wine to pour us both a glass.

“Do you cook?”

“I make a mean macaroni and cheese.” she smiles.

I can’t help but laugh out loud at that.

We eat in silence for a few moments and she moans nodding that she is enjoying the meal. Then, her voice breaks the silence.

“So tell me Edward, did you do any research at all on Age play?”

She amazes me. So brave and not at all bashful in regards to this topic.

“As a matter of fact I did. It’s interesting how much you can find on the internet.” I muse.

“What did you think?” she lifts her glass and I watch her lips wrap around the rim of the glass. The candlelight dances off the glass and I smile.

“I have to admit I had no idea such a thing existed. I am not saying I am that naïve, I mean I know about BDSM and other fetishes as you called them. I was unaware there was such a lifestyle.”

She watches my reaction closely and I pose a question I have been dying to ask. “If I may ask, have you done this before?”

She shakes her head, “No, a very dear friend of mine practices the lifestyle and one night she revealed what she calls her dirty little secret and it peaked my curiosity. I accompanied her to Daddy’s Playground. I knew instantly that this is what I am looking for. I went home researched it, spoke to Angela about a lot of it and met one of the gentlemen she goes there to meet with that she calls her Daddy Dom, he was really sweet to let me observe them together, his name is Ben and he and Angela have known each other for a while now, they seem to have gone from weekends to the point he wants her to move in.”

I listen to her closely. “I have to admit you are brave.” I state.

“I just know what I want, what I need and I don’t see the point in denying what is.”

“No boyfriends?” I feel the tension as the word passes my lips. She notices right away and quirks a brow up.

“I had one when I was Nineteen. It was a pretty much on and off for about a year. We just grew apart and that seemed a little hard to ask.”

I place my fork down and wipe my mouth, pick up my glass and swirl the wine and smile into it almost a little embarrassed for being caught.

“What can I say in my defense? The thought of you with someone else doesn’t seem to sit well with me. Trust me, I am surprised about that as you are.”

I take a drink and decide I am done, and Bella has as well. We clear the table but I refuse to do dishes and tell her to get out of the kitchen. When I walk out to see her leaning over the railing, I cant resist and sneak up behind her and grab her and warn her.

“Watch it! Wouldn’t want you to fall over.” I grip her tiny waist and she squeals out and laughs. I am surprised when she leans back against me and I let my arms wrap around her completely. I settle in and take in the view along with her.

“It’s beautiful.”

“It is, and with you in this setting it makes it even more so.” I murmur and kiss the back of her hair.

She turns around and I gaze down at her. I don’t let her go as my hands rest now on the small of her back.

Her hand comes up and she brushes her fingertip over my bottom lip.

“We doing this?” I ask.

“I want it if you do.”

“Okay…I want to start tonight is that okay with you sweet one?”

“More than okay.” Her eyes are hooded with desire and I lean in and whisper against her lips.

“Is it okay if Daddy wants to kiss you to seal this deal?”

“Yes Daddy.”

I tilt my head pressing my lips to hers and my God, she does not hesitate to let me taste her, parting her pouty pink lips begging for Daddy’s kiss.

I notice right off that she tastes a little like bubble gum. That confuses the fuck out of me because she just ate and drank wine, but I am not going to bother with trying to figure out why or how. I dive in and enjoy how sweet she is on my tongue, not to mention how warm in my mouth she is.

I take notice of just how tiny she is against my frame. Just imagining being above her, I worry about the fact that my weight could crush her. The dirty side of my mind imagines how easy she will be to position while I dominate her any way I fucking choose.

Bella surprises me when she whimpers with my lips on hers and my tongue in her mouth.

The vibration tickles but fucking hell if she doesn’t have me growing instantly hard with the thought of her whimpering like that while I am fucking her slow and deep. This is hands down the sexiest yet naughtiest kiss I have ever fucking had as she continues to whine and whimper with a need for more.

When she ends it, her head falls back slightly, her eye still closed, then she speaks in a voice that nearly knocks me off my feet, while my cock has to surely seep from anticipation.

“Mmm…oh Daddy…you taste so yummy, don’t stop…more Daddy.”

I am so aroused at this point, that if I was nervous before, it all went out the window. I allow myself to give in to every bit of this. She needs to be cared for and knowing what her expectations are, I am not about to fail to meet her needs. She needs this to be for her. I now am convinced that she may not be the only one that needs this, because I love every aspect of the very thought, let alone the chemistry that is ignited between the two of us right now.

If this is any indication of what it will be like…I am so ready to possess and own her. I sure as fuck know now that by the end of the night I will show her whose cock is the only one that will please her.

It is taking all my strength to not tear her panties off, turn her around, bend her over, sink my teeth into her shoulder while I drive my cock into the one thing that will ease this fucking desperate need that now burns in me.

God all I can see in my clouded mind right now is me slamming into her, sweat pouring off my brow as the animalistic noises escape from my throat. I show her no mercy and snarl against her throat that she is all mine.

The very thought should scare me. I feel like a man now possessed.

“Not as yummy as you sweet one.” I hoist her up, and she yelps out a soft little squeal. Her hands rest on the back of my neck under my hairline and she tightens her legs a little to hold onto me, wrapping and locking her ankles around my hips. I hiss when her hot center rests right over my God damn cock. In all my years, nothing has ever felt so motherfucking primal for me. It is the best way I can describe it.

I feel like a beast staking his claim on his bitch.

“That’s it sweet one, you feel me don’t you? Daddy’s cock knows whose naughty little kitty this is, and I am willing to bet you are going to be so very fucking wet for me aren’t you?”

With her arms wrapped around my neck she nods exaggeratedly, and whispers, “I need you Daddy. I need you to love me. Love me there too sooo much.”  Her big doe eyes plead and that the delicious way she whines that out for me has my heart speeding  up.

“Oh baby, what do you want? Tell Daddy and he will be happy to give his sweet girl whatever she wants tonight.” I cannot believe I am playing this role, but I can’t deny that this right here feels so fucking right. It flows right out of my mouth as if I had been saying it for years.

I press my lips to her cheek and move over brushing my lips against the outer shell of her ear. She wiggles her lower half rubbing against me and I moan out the moment her action sends a sensation that shoots right through my cock. Suddenly I feel the need to punish her.

“Behave little girl, I will have to show you what Daddy thinks about little girls that tease, and that right there baby is teasing me.”

She juts her lip out and her head falls as she pouts.

I am rather shocked by my reaction to that look and her action. “My God…that is hands down the naughtiest look I have ever seen. You look at me like that and I am so fucked.”

Her lip lifts a little on the right side and she bats her lashes, lets her hand slide down my chest, puts her finger in her mouth and looks at me from under her lashes.

“I’m sorry Daddy.” a devious little smile graces her lips, in turn I cannot help but smirk

“Isabella what do you think you are doing?”

Her teeth nibble on her lip, she lets out a breath then a little giggle.

“I am going to have you wrapped around my pinky!” she giggles even more and wiggles her ass. My hands slide down from her waist and I let them slide up under her cotton ruffled skirt and let them rest on her plump round little bare ass cheeks. I rest my forehead to hers and chuckle.

“You better have on a thong or Daddy is going to have to whip his little girl’s ass for going out without something covering my little girl’s pretty little kitty.”

I almost want to smack myself for saying that to her, not knowing where this is coming from still, but when her eyes flutter and she moans out, I am rewarded for voicing my filthy thought.

If I wasn’t aware of the fact that this is new for both of us, it is almost like she is sending me a signal that she likes what I just said. Her little hint that she is okay with my words and I swear that I just felt the shift in power, and I am the one that decides what happens and she is going to follow it, whether she likes it or not.

My cock grows impossibly harder at the thought.

“You want Daddy to love you? Well little one, Daddy wants that more than any thing, but I need to inform you of a few rules. It is Daddy who decides what is best for his girl, do you hear me? You can ask, but I have the final say as to what happens because this is what you want and need. You need me to take care of you and I am going to do a very good job of taking care of and protecting you from any harm. However, since I fully agree this time and only this time, I am going to take you into Daddy’s bedroom where at some point, I will lay you back sweet one, and love on you so fucking good for making Daddy so happy tonight.”  I am already in motion and kicking my bedroom door open making my way in with her all the while she is whispering,

“Please Daddy please. I need you so bad it hurts.” her hand slides down off my neck, she drops it between us and wiggles her way away slightly, and she cups her pussy right in front of me.

“Oh Daddy…hurry.”

Fucking hell. I have died and gone to the kinkiest heaven ever. I hoist her weight into one hand. She is light as a fucking feather and it takes nothing for me to hold her up with one, while the other scolds her for her action. I reach down, grab her wrist and growl deep from within my chest.

“Did Daddy give you permission to touch that?” I bring it up to my lips and kiss it.

“That is one of the rules in this house, Daddy decides if you can touch this. I don’t care if it hurts so bad you are in tears, you ask me before these fingers touch what is now mine. Now say yes Daddy and apologize for that behavior.”

Her lip slowly pushes out full and wet in another jaw dropping pout. She whispers, “I’m sorry Daddy. It isn’t mine to touch. I won’t do it again.  Promise.”

I chuckle.

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep, because trust me, some days you are going to be begging for my touch and it is only when I decide. I like the thought of you begging, so rest assured it wont be for long.”

I let her slide down and set her on her feet. I lift her chin with my thumb and finger and force her to look at me.

“Daddy is going to lie down and you my sweet little innocent one are going to stand right here and peel this dress off for me slowly. You need to ask for permission to get into Daddy’s bed, because if you don’t, I will bend you over my knee and smack that sweet bare ass till it’s pink and hot from my hand.

“Oh Daddy.” Her lip quivers.

“Shhhh, no sweet one, not until I say okay.” I kiss the tip of her nose and walk around to my side of the bed and remove my jacket tossing it on the chair, kick off my shoes, then off come my socks.

She stands here fidgeting  in front of me , and its motherfucking adorable. I wink at her and she smiles softly looking down bashful. I chuckle while I put my pillows up against the headboard and sit down while I slowly unbutton my shirt.

“Okay little one, Daddy wants to see his little girl get naked, show Daddy how perfect his little girls body is.”

She reaches up and slides her arms out of the little ruffled sleeves and leans back against the desk she is next to.

The dress slowly slides down the front of her and lays around her waist and I can feel my eyes brighten at the very sight of her perfect curves. Her tits without a doubt will be sore by the end of the evening because I admit, I love tits, but her nipples look like I could latch on to them until I fall asleep.

“Like this Daddy.” she pouts with not only her lip but her eyes as well and I close my eyes for a minute and take a breath.

“Just like that baby.”

I groan out opening my eyes and taking notice her navel is pierced. I cannot wait to find out if she has another one. I am not putting it past her, because clearly what Isabella want’s she goes after and I am the luckiest Daddy in the world that she is choosing me.

Her fingertip goes right to her lips as I sit here and just take in how utterly perfect she is.

Curvy in all the right places, so tiny that I can manhandle her to meet my needs, creamy pale skin that is exquisitely flawless.

“Daddy is very proud of you sweet one.”

“Thank you Daddy.” she mumbles with the tip of her finger in her mouth.

I stand up and walk over to her and lift her chin taking her wrist gently and bring her wet finger to my lips and suck on it.

“I just had to see what it was about this that you can’t keep your mouth off. I admit… you do taste so very sweet.”

Her eyes look up at me wide and expressive, her mouth hangs partially open as she watches my lips wrap around her finger, then I kiss the tip of it.

I slide my other hand up the defined curve of her back and in the wake of it her skin pebbles.

“How long has it been since you have had sex last?”

“Two years.”

“How many partners?”


“How many for him?”

“We were each others first.”

“You are sure?”

“Yes. And you?”

“Last week, but I never go without protection.”

Her eyes widen, then narrow and then slowly her brow furrows as she processes what I have just told her.

“Whats wrong?” I ask.

“Nothing Daddy.” Her lip pouts out and I am a little disappointed, because clearly she is  telling me a bold faced lie. It is written all over her adorable little angry face.

“Isabella, you don’t seriously think you are going to get away with that answer do you?”

There is a moment of confusion that passes through her thoughts, then the recognition of what I am referring to.

“I am sorry. It just hurts a little.” her voice is barely a whisper.

“Bring these sweet lips to mine sweet one.” I lean down and kiss her lips softly pulling her into my arms. I hold her and begin to explain.

“I had no idea you existed until the night I met you, I promise I haven’t been with anyone since I walked into your world.”

“Really?” she looks up at me.

“Really beautiful.” My hand slides down her side to her thigh and I revel in the warmth of her soft skin letting my fingers slip under her dress, pushing it up the length of her thigh until I hit a thin tiny strip with a bow on it.

“Daddy’s girl is a naughty little thing isn’t she? I can’t wait to see these panties that are nothing but a string.”

I lean down again, kissing her slowly turning her to lead her back to my bed. The moment our kiss ends and I look into those innocent eyes I can feel my heart racing at the thoughts of all the things I plan to try with her.

Reading so much about age play, the ideas I got from some sites that specialized in this area really helped. I should probably wonder why it is that I don’t have to think about this too much talking to her. I would swear it feels like the most natural thing to want to coddle, caress, coo and care for her in a way a Daddy would.

“Daddy wants you in his bed, and you are going to be a good little girl and do what Daddy tells you right baby?”

I pick her up and lay her back so that she is laying on her back and I gently, climb on top of her and sit up on my knees, straddling her legs, pull my shirt off and then toss it.  I unfasten my belt and watch that fleeting moment in her eyes, as a moment of fear grips her, when she sees me do it. I have to admit it is turning me on so fucking much, I want to tease her a little with it. While she lays here fidgeting under my legs, I slowly pull it through the loops of my slacks and fold it in two.

She sucks in a deep breath when I trail it down the middle of her chest tracing her curves.

“Such pretty nipples baby girl. I am going to enjoy showing you all the ways they will get hard for my lips.”

She takes a deep breath and I smile down at her. “Tell me are they as sweet as that mouth of yours?”

She glows with the most bashful smile, “I think you will like them Daddy, you wanna suck on one and see?” Her hand slowly moves up, I watch her long manicured finger wrap around the curve of her breast and she squeezes it gently.

I am mesmerized watching her take care as she massages it, then her fingers circle her hard rosy nipple and she moans out.

“Taste Daddy.” My eyes are fixed on her fingertips pulling and twisting when my mouth falls open as a small trickle of milk beads up, then rolls off to the side.

My cock practically explodes at the sight.

“Bella?” I ask looking at her confused.

“I pump them, everyday I have been doing it for six months now. If you want, I can stop.”

“Fuck no baby. That is just fuck….” I lean in, kiss her, and move down slowly dragging my tongue to taste that sweet cream of hers.

“Move your hand baby, Daddy wants to take it from you.” I take her hands, bring them above her head, and command her.

“Keep these up here, if you drop them, Daddy isn’t going to be happy about it. Do you understand?”

She nods and bites her lip nibbling on it.

I circle my tongue around her nipple and moan.

“Open your legs baby let Daddy get comfortable.”

She does as I ask, her eyes following my every move as I swirl my tongue around her rosy bud and suck it in my mouth entirely and pull hard trying to drink from her.

“Ohhhh….that feels…so naughty.” she breathes out and I get a warm sweetness that floods over my tongue on the third draw.

My cock grows infinitely harder and I close my eyes lowering my lower half down between her legs for a moment and relish in the fact that I am sucking the milk right from her hard little nipple. The experience is so fucking erotic and sweet that I won’t ever want to stop.

I feel her breast continue to swell under my lips and listen to her sweet moans. When I open my eyes and look up, she is still watching me with lust in her eyes. Her eyes dart over to the other one and mine follow to find a small bead of cream dribbles out of her hard little bud as it starts to leak out without being stimulated at all. I take another deep draw and then pop off, slide my tongue along her sternum and make my way to the other one.

“Fuck you are delicious.” I groan and bring my hand up and wrap it around her breast and massage it squeezing it out to trail all around her breast.

“Daddy really likes his little girl’s surprise.” I lock onto her nipple and squeeze while I suck drinking from her as if I were starved.

“Daddy that feels so good.” she wiggles her hips under me and I make the move to wiggle her dress down off her hips to leave her lying here in the tiniest white thong with bows on her hips.

Her thumb goes right into her mouth and I moan.

“Look at you.”

“So fucking precious, you are Daddy’s little princess and I am going to take such good care of you.”


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