Fantasy Friday: Ultimate Fantasy

This was a questions posed by Mr Erotic Everywhere, if you not checked him out you should his writings not only enlightening but very funny.

Okay it wasn’t posed by him per say but his naughty house guest; who I think he has met his match with there, so since there is no kink on the horizon and no photo shoots booked for the next month; as of the date of this release, I have been looking for ideas on how to keep this blog alive.

So I thought, I would steal erm borrow his naughty house guest question “What is your ultimate fantasy?”

Like Mr Erotic Everywhere I do have many fantasy’s, but one to be the ultimate it would have to spectacular and out of this world.

Me being dressed in something like this:

By Agent Provocateur

By Agent Provocateur

By Axford’s

By Agent Provocateur

By Christian Louboutian

Yes, this girl does have expensive tastes; just wished her pocket supported it, but this is ultimate after all.

Like Mr Erotic Everywhere states there has be loads of toys to used as well. So cuffs, spreaderbar, various spanking instruments, a spanking bench ooooooooooooh the list could be endless on this one, but I will stop here.

Refreshments laid on so good few cases of good wine and loads of beer needed.

Food is needed to feed the soul, keep all our energy up for what I hope and dream would be fun filled for all.  So loads of fruit with cream or chocolate, various types of food for a quick nibble on.

Now what else is need hmmmmmmmmm men, loads of men dressed in kilts being a true Scot as well <drooling at the thoughts & images in my head> hey I am Scottish after all, so sue me.

Not like this and some of them wearing them wrong anyhow

More like this

Suitable amount of bad boys who want to naughty and bad things to me.  Make me all nice and  sore in all the right places, making me walk very funny for a long time.

Now the only thing missing is the location, now I have been abroad in a long time but would like some where warm but secluded maybe just off the beach and neighbours are far enough away that there is no risk of them hearing, seeing and/or calling the cops <hmmmmmmmm men in uniform & handcuffs> so I would have say somewhere in the coastal US or Australia.

Yes I think that would be my ultimate <groan> one day maybe one day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why don’t you add your own below or write your own, as I can’t wait to read yours.

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