Erotica: Fucking Shocking

Not quite how it is described in the story, but this is just such a amazing shot I couldn’t resist

I have an new email friend who sent me this story below.  Like my other friend they don’t want their name all over the internet and for those within their real-life to know that they write like this. Continue reading

What Makes A Man Sexy?

Well for me personally it is all of this and his personality that makes him sexy in my eyes and heart.

Men ask me: What do I find sexy in a man?

The sexiest thing about a man, by far, is his mind.

I’ve always felt this way.

A man who is intelligent, inquisitive, clever, or passionate turns me on.

A man with charisma, a man who is genuine.

Often a man who isn’t fully aware of how amazing he is.

A man who can be serious, a man who makes me laugh, and who adores my mind as well.

I’ve dated men who were both extremely good looking and men who you would not give a second glance. Their looks were of little importance to me in comparison to their minds. A man who fascinates me, a man who intrigues or inspires my own mind. That is sexy as hell.

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WOW very well written and a beautiful sentiments in this poem.

Being Her, (the other woman)...

I want to get lost with you.

For a long time.

With no distractions.

In an unfamiliar city, where we don’t know anyone.
Where I could walk holding your hand.
Hug and kiss you while waiting for a table at some fun restaurant.
Walk in and out of our hotel together.
Feel your hands on me before we even get into a hotel room.
Drop our things at the door and have your kisses lead me to the bed in the dark.
Feel clothes leaving my body as your skin meets me.
Feel your mouth on all parts of me.  The coldness of your lips and warmth of your tongue.
Feel your excitement leaving trails of leaking wetness.
Being amazed at how your body takes over and finds its way inside of me on its own with no help.
Being speechless at how wet you make me.
Being aware of…

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Reblog: Erotica :Wrapped Around My Pinky by Robshandmonkey

This looks the perfect picture to cover this erotic tale

I Just found this on another site Daddyward & BabyElla, orginally done over five parts

“Trust me there is nothing that you can experience that will prepare you for the world you are about to enter. It is hidden in bedrooms around the world over. You are not the first, and at the rate this is going as far as popularity goes, you sure as hell won’t be the last.” Continue reading