Bored & On My Own

Sorry there hasn’t been much posting from me lately but I am back at my home, my ex hubby has finally moved out.  I have trying to get my house into some sort of order; but I am struggling to do so but I will get there, and basically my life has been very vanilla lately.  With Daddy away at the moment it is not helping to feel connected with my kinkier side either.

I have done all the housework I willing to do today

  • Mopped all the floors
  • Done 4 loads of washing
  • Washing up
  • Dust

Ex-Sir did ask if I was wearing the maid’s outfit today hehe.  Nope just a pretty dress for me today.

Now I find that I am on my own, and the kids are out all day today that leads to trouble hehe…..  so decided to have some fun with my webcam and hair; sorry about the quality.  Even my mobile and email been quiet oooooooooooh well

Decided to plait my hair

Kisses for all who need one

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