Meeting Daddy & I – Part Two

One outfit that Daddy like me in

This is the second part of time that I have spent with Daddy at his home, I was hoping that I would have more to write about but the fact that Daddy and I got struck down by a cold/flu virus that currently doing the rounds here in the UK.  It basically knocked us flat  from Friday through until Tuesday or Wednesday.  So there is was little kinky heck we couldn’t manage vanilla.

Okay this dress has been taken before, but Daddy wanted to shoot some pictures with me in it

Daddy likes the see through nature of fabrics

I have tried since coming home to write something that would valid and worthwhile, believe it and not it was really worth publishing.  I am not willing to type up rubbish to make a post long and lengthy.

It wasn’t until Wednesday and Thursday, that we were able to have any fun, we took loads so many pictures.  So I am going to include them in this post so I am not leaving you hanging.  There is some pictures I am holding back for later post so guys please patient.

Daddy wanted to experiment a bit taking the photos in a different room, which was now possible as C & M had moved out the Sunday before.  Daddy hopes to make this room into his studio.

Daddy was impressed that he got the movement of my hair in this shoot

I just like this picture and outfit so much

Me being cheeky again

This is an outfit I chose to wear for some pictures

Daddy wanted the naughty office worker

Gets even more naughty at Daddy’s desk

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