30 Days Of Submission: Day Twenty Four

I think this picture although simple it is beautiful.

What are the emotions that most directly let you access submission? What feelings do they inspire?

There is any emotions that I can say that “let me access” my submission, as I always in the submissive mindset.

Have reviewing Aisha’s answer which I like a lot,  I have actually came back and edited this post a lot as there wasn’t a lot I had written for this question as I was struggling.

Within Daddy’s and I relationship I feel most submissive when Daddy is being his most Dominant doesn’t matter he is asking me to preform a task or we are “playing” in the bedroom ;-).

Daddy doesn’t have to use a “big” voice or shout, rather he has a tone that has my attention immediately; no matter what I am doing or where I am in his home, more than any other tone that he uses throughout the day.  I know that I have to be ready to serve him either a task and/or “playing”.

I do have a little side, who is sometimes petty, who is sometimes lippy, who is sometimes needy and who is sometimes just needs her Daddy’s lap and snuggles.  More so, this little side as taken over as we both have been stressed out.

More of my little side comes out more of the Daddy becomes Dominant, protective and believe it or not more he wants to “play”.

It might not be answering the question truly how it was meant to be, but for me it has been a really difficult one answer or find an appropriate way to answer it.

3 thoughts on “30 Days Of Submission: Day Twenty Four

  1. These questions are tough! At least for me – some of them were easy, some not so much. i think answering them in the way that reflects your own heart and spirit is what matters.



    • Aisha

      I have found them amazingly difficult to answer a number of them too. Like you I am using a reflection of my submission and helping Daddy to understand me better.

      I have asked him to Dominate one he has agreed even though he is not that keen hehe.

  2. Oh I *did* visit! Now I remember. I left a comment in the wrong place by mistake. These are really great submission questions. I think sometimes a tone of voice can bring out a certain emotion.

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