Story: Teacher’s Pet

I have an new email friend who sent me this story below.  Like my other friend they don’t want their name all over the internet and for those within their real-life to know that they write like this.
The teacher sat in his office waiting for the next student, Sandy Stone. He was dreading it, she was bringing her mother in to discuss job prospects. Sandy was 16 and leaving school, and wanted to go straight to Page 3 modelling. Her mum was as sexy as her daughter, but so THICK!
The door opened and both females walked in. Mum was first, tits straining in her t-shirt, skirt almost sprayed on. Sandy was dressed similarly.
Both sat down in front of his desk, and he realised with a jolt that neither were wearing any knickers, and his dick hardened up like a ripe cucumber.
After 5 minutes of his trying to point out that Page 3 is not a wise career move, the mother leapt off her chair and flew at him, calling him a sexist and all manner of names. Daughter just watched, smiling, pleased to see him getting roughly treated. Finally he snapped, and shoved mum across the room, in doing so catching her t-shirt in his hand as he tried to stop her falling. The ripping sound was enough to tell him her top was a goner, and he stared in fascination as her big tits flopped out on display.
Daughter went crazy, accusing the teacher of assault, but by this time he’d lost patience. He screamed in anger that both should sit down and shut the fuck up – now.
They looked stunned, and moved to the chairs. Mum tried to cover her tits, but what would you expect with massive boobs and little hands?
Teacher moved to his cupboard, and when he pulled a cane out, mum went very quiet. “I’ll fucking show you who’s boss here” teacher snarled, and yanked mum up and across the desk. Whack went the cane across her bare thighs, and in his rage he snatched her micro skirt up and caned her some more, two strokes catching the tips of her pussy lips.
Daughter sat shaking, but teacher threw mum back into the chair and turned to daughter. “no please”, she begged, I’ll do anything but don’t cane me.
Too late, teacher gave her one stroke across her arse, and she whimpered loudly. “anything!” teacher paused, and saw an opportunity. He forced mum to get down on all fours, with daughter similarly positioned next to her. He pulled his throbbing cock out and ordered daughter to suck it.
As she did so he smacked mum’s arse, then roughly threw the daughter aside and started to fuck mum from behind. He told daughter to get ready, and as he pumped mum, daughter started kissing his shaft as it slid in and out of her mum’s sopping pussy, tasting the juices coating his dick. With a lunge he drove deep in mum’s cunt before pulling out and spraying daughter with hot cum, all over her face and neck.He then pushed his wilting dick into mum’s mouth, letting her clean the knob of the last drops of his cum.
He forced mum to lick her daughter clean, every drop was removed by tongue, and he made mum swallow the lot, before sitting them both down again. Mum found it to be a tender experience, her buttocks were still tingling from the cane, but she sat there meekly.
Daughter stood as if to leave, but teacher slammed her down again. “Move again and I’ll cane you again!” he snapped, then reached over to feel daughter’s huge tits. He grinned mischievously – “I’m not done with you two yet”.
Reaching into his drawer he pulled out as short truncheon, kept there for when unruly pupils might attack him.
He lobbed it over to daughter. “If you want to do page 3, let’s see how you cope with the porn industry”. She looked at him tearfully, saying she didn’t want to do this. He responded by ordering mum to once more bend over he desk. “For every minute you don’t use it, I give your mum 1 smack with my hand.”
As he spoke he took a plastic cable-tie and used it as a handcuffs, so that mum’s hands were now behind her back. He felt for her pussy, and was surprised to find it almost dripping with her juices, wet and very warm. His fingers slipped inside easily, and she gasped in involuntary pleasure. He smacked her swollen labia twice, to remind daughter what was at stake, and heard mum moan.
Daughter thought it was in pain though, and so settled back in her chair, opening her legs wide. Teacher watched as she rubbed the head of the mahogany truncheon around, but he thought she was not serious, so slapped mum once more, this time right on her clit. He then reached over and took the truncheon, slid it straight inside mum’s pussy, then slowly fucked her with it.
After a minute or so mum was desperate to cum, but he slid the dildo out and gave it back to daughter. The juices helped lubricate her pussy, and the truncheon slid home, bringing a surprised moan of delight from daughter’s mouth. He moved round and once again slid his hard-again cock into mum’s mouth.
Daughter was now beginning to pound her own pussy, but teacher had one last surprise. He stopped mum from sucking his cock, and positioned himself between her legs. Raising her knees high, he pushed his hard dick forward, but as she waited for it to disappear inside her soaking cunt, she yelped as she felt his knob push against her arse. She tried to wriggle free, but a firm slap on her buttock steadied her up, and she relaxed as she realised his hard cock was already on its way up her bum.
Daughter was now too far gone to care, she just wanted to cum, and as she watched teacher bum-fuck her mum, she came. The truncheon shot out of her sopping fanny, and a stream of her juices sprayed teacher. he gasped and rode mum harder, feeling that familiar tightening in his balls, and with a yell of triumph he shot his first spurt right inside mum’s bum. This set mum off, and with loud sounds of pleasure all three came. teacher’s remaining spurts all landed on mum’s labia, as he slipped from her arse.
They all lay where they had collapsed, totally spent.
Daughter was first to move, creeping round the sleeping teacher she took a pair of scissors and cut the cable-tie from her mum’s wrists. She felt in the drawer for another, and it was a very surprised teacher who woke a couple of minutes later to find himself hogtied to a chair, on hands and knees.
Daughter slapped the truncheon menacingly in her hand, and leered right in the teacher’s face. “Okay SIR, brace your fucking self…. because this will hurt you far more than it will hurt us….”teacher struggled to free himself, but found he was trussed up like a Christmas turkey. when he tried to speak, he found his own pants stuffed into his mouth, and if it wasn’t for his tie holding the gag in place, he would have spat the offending item out.
He suddenly cried out as mum smacked him hard on the buttocks, and his cock twitched and shrivelled.
Daughter moved behind him, running her soft hands over his back, down over his arse to his thighs., then feeling his heavy balls as she swept her hand back up. She suddenly squeezed his balls in her hand, and he squealed in pain as stars burst behind his eyes. her hand continued up over his bum, and he tried to clench his buttocks together as her middle finger tickled the entrance to his bum.
Mum stood in front of him, and as she bent down she reached down through his chest hairs, found a nipple, and pinched. Hard. He moaned again, and then his eyes widened as he felt daughter’s finger push its way inside his tight bum. he shook his head, but knew he couldn’t prevent it. Her finger slid in slowly, up to the knuckle, and then started to withdraw.
Meanwhile mum was rubbing her pussy in his face, grinding her pubic triangle over his nose, tormenting him.
Daughter slowly withdrew her finger, and he felt his sphincter relax as she withdrew completely.
However, what he saw next sent a shiver up his spine. The truncheon was sliding in and out of daughter’s pussy, her juices coating it, as her mum had done recently. “this is just for you.” mum sighed, and she stood to one side of teacher as daughter removed the truncheon from her wet pussy.
He tried to stop it, but knew there was nothing he could do as the cold wood pushed against his bum-hole. He tried to relax, to make it easier, and was amazed to suddenly find that he liked the sensation, and his once flaccid dick was stiffening up fast.
Mum saw this and positioned herself under him, and as he tried to avoid her, her mouth closed around his cock.
Suddenly bombs were going off in his head as the truncheon slid all the way in, the pleasure he felt was indescribable. Mum was sucking him, daughter was fucking him, and he knew that for him this was the way forward.
Daughter continued to ream his arse with the truncheon as mum sucked him off, and with muffled screams he came, right in mum’s mouth. Spurt after spurt exploded from him, greedily drank down by mum, and daughter too seemed to orgasm as she fucked him with the truncheon…..
Some time later, teacher woke to find himself spread out on the floor, with mum and daughter nowhere in sight. He was nude, and beside him lay a piece of paper with a message on it, and two big bold words written at the bottom, words which struck terror into him. The message said that daughter expected an ‘A’ grade for her work, and a written reference of her excellent page 3 prospects, followed by “…. or else…” and the two words….. YOU TUBE.
[Author’s Name Withheld]

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